Sunday, October 05, 2008

Do you want me to write a tribute about YOU?

We're gonna try something a little different tonight/today. You see I've been trying to get a little more reader interaction on the blog. So for a little fun I'm going to ask you 3 questions. You can answer by commenting on the blog. Whoever is the first to answer correctly - I will pen a powerful, semi-sincere, partially-accurate tribute to you here on the blog. Here's the kicker - you can't use the world wide web, information superhighway, or interweb to search for the answers. I'm sure of your integrity and I'm pretty sure this isn't worth cheating on. I also invite you (whether you try to answer the questions or not) to congratulate the "winner" by commenting and/or giving me one thing you think I should address in the "tribute." For example, "tell us about the winner's first date" or "tell us about his/her worst job" or "tell us why he/she deserves to be shot by a child with a wooden arrow funded by the bailout." So here are the three questions:

1. Name one fruit with its seeds on the outside instead of the inside

2. There are 14 punctuation marks in standard English language – name them

3. There are three words that begin with the letters “dw” – list them

So let the games begin. If you have access to the first season DVDs of The West Wing, you'll have an easier time answering them. Hope you'll all play along.


Krista said...

I mentioned "contest" and the kids were all into it. We don't own the West Wing (although I wish I did because I think the first 3 seasons are hilarous) Fortunately and/or unfortunately they-the kids supplied most of the answers. It seems it's been awhile since I've been educated.


period, question mark, exclamation mark, apostrophe, comma, quotation mark, semi-colon, hyphen, colon, dash, parentheses, brackets, forward slash, backward slash

dwarf, dwell, dwindle

rlsecor said...


1.comma 2.period 3.exclamation mark 4.question mark 5.colon 6.semi-colon 7.hyphen 8.parenthesis 9.backslash 10.apostrophe 11.quotes 12.brackets 13....... 14.......


This is all I can get. my DH actually came up with dweeb. My brain doesn't wake fully for another 3 hours. Doing this little quiz early in the morning has probably elicited more a.m. cerebral activity than I have known for centuries and now my family will be in shock.

Hopefully, I'm not first and surely someone else will come up with what I've missed.

Alida Bowles said...

ack! I was so gonna be the first one to comment! i alctually had the whole thing written and then I got pulled away by general conference..I had all the answers too...dang, dang....waaaa...sad.

Yay Krista! :)

agm said...

uhhhh. . . ?

Jeremiah Bowles said...

I think Bidens comments would be more appropriately stated. "I think Gov. Palin in the White House would be a step backwards for America because anyone with a bigger gun than Dick Cheney would be seriously bad for the country" . . . "is that buck shot in your moose hunting rifle?" as fellow hunters go pheasant hunting. "We cant allow women to have a bigger gun than us men. We are already raising a bunch of wimps in this country, we don't need to bring down the morale." Is that what Biden meant to say before he gaffed again.

Julianna said...

13. em 14. en

do i get a tribute since i finished the list?

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