Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tribute to Gertrude

A few posts ago I kicked off a little contest. This was mostly to see if people were actually reading the blog. A few of you took the bait, and I was impressed with the responses, particularly Aubri's "uhhhh..." So, I tip my fedora to Becca, Alida, and Julianna for at least playing along and especially Becca for coming up with "dweeb". But the prize of a tribute post goes to Krista. (I just noticed that all the responders have names that end in the letter "a"... don't know if that's interesting or not.)I'm going to write about her even though the kids helped out so much. It's much easier to write about my sister-in-law than a group of nieces and nephews. Hopefully they will enjoy reading about their mommy though. By the time the rest of you read this, you're likely going to be pleased that you didn't win:

You see Krista is someone everyone should know. She was born Gertrude Caseopia Lahti, so you can see why they called her Krista. Life couldn't have been easy, what with having to live in an igloo in Anchorage eating mooseburgers and speaking eskimo. (English is her second language as you'll learn when you talk with her) At age 5 she was a successful kindergardner with pig tails, and one thing led to another and today she's a terrific mother of 5. Krista isn't like some mothers you know, she knows everything about her kids, including their names and birthdays, but this isn't the only thing that makes her a great mother. She's been known to spend hours playing games with them, but letting the little people win is out of the question. She compassionately teaches the kids to be good losers. Here are a few other great "facts" which may or may not be true about Krista:

- She is perhaps the most competitive non-male I know. (and I know "competitive" having played years of church basketball)
- Krista has lived in exotic places such as Guam, Idaho and of course, her current island paradise of St. Louis.
- She's always up to date on current events, but she doesn't have cable so the source of all of her knowledges comes from the always-accurate internet.
- She's an excellent blog author, but I can't link to her blog because she keeps it super-secret (invite-only) . . . yeah, it's that good!
- At this moment she's hosting my wife and our 4 kids at her house, so if you're doing the math, there are like 14 kids there now. She handles it amazingly well. (It's Uncle Mike you should feel for . . . I've been in those shoes . . .)

So I pay homage to my sister-in-law for all that she manages and is. Because not only does she do all that stuff I told you about, she takes time everyday to humor me by reading HTF.

Thanks for all that, Gertrude.


millerjk said...

Thanks for the laugh for the day...a tribute to my great sister!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I second everything!
1. You don't want to play any board games with her unless you want to see her smirk when you LOSE!
2. I'm begging her to follow me to the Northwest. That's why she moved to the Midwest in the first place- she couldn't be apart from me too long.
3.She even reads the Anchorage Daily News online. She knew who Sarah Palin was and hasn't lived in Alaska for years.
4.I love keeping up with her blog because it's the only time I get to talk with her EVER! (let's talk about the not so great cell phone reception in her house)
5.She's a wonderful hostess. We should add more kids to see what her sane limit really is.

Krista said...

AWWW! Thanks Scott. But I want to clear up a few things. Scott thinks English is my second language but it's really not. I'm just so overwhelmed by his presence I get tongue-tied and incoherent. Competetive-no way! I can't help that I win all the time. And the smirk is just a smile to let you know that I know you tried your best and there is always a next time. As for my kids names, you were being a little generous. I knew them long enough to have them put on their birth certificate. Now I just say "Hey you, yeah you, the one I'm pointing at, come here!" The 11 month old still thinks I'm making fun of him for losing the last Settlers game but he'll soon catch on that I want him to come to me. And one more thing, I don't have cable because I'm too busy refreshing Scott's blog to see if he has any updates to spend money on something I don't have time to watch. Love you HTF!

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