Monday, December 08, 2008

A Foray Into Pop Tunes

There was a time when I was a pop-music-fiend (rock band name).  I knew every song, every "artist" (air-quote emphasized), and tons of facts about what was going on in top-40 land.  I could tell you who was hot and who was a has-been, understanding that an act could move from one list to the other within 48 hours time.  Well, that was then, and now, . . . I'm . . . uh . . . ancient.  At least I feel that way sometimes.  So this weekend I couldn't sleep one night so I turned on the VH1, and to my complete shock there wasn't a celebrity reality show on at all, it was the Top-20 countdown.  Figuring that would teach me all I needed to know to get back into the loop.  Here were a few things I picked up:

- So I thought Brittney Spears was forever a punchline, and I was right about that part, but she has a new video and record.  In this particular video she's wearing absolutely nothing, which makes it remarkably similar to other appearances in her bizarre career.  There was no snake involved this time, and somehow she had hair.  Didn't she shave it all off a while ago? - I sure wish I knew her high speed hair growth secret.

- Beyonce had 2 videos in the countdown, but it felt like there were 6.  The best one was her and two other ladies doing a funky dance in leotards (now that is a hilarious word - doesn't that totally should like an 11-year old insult: "YOU'RE JUST A STUPID LEOTARD!!!") while telling single ladies to tell the guys that they should "put a ring on it."  Catchy tune, but I'm not sure how the guys will feel about being lectured like that on TV.  I am sure that the video got old fast.

- Katy Perry scares me . . . but she was on the countdown

- The biggest takeaway was that the American Idol People don't always just disappear.  I don't watch the show, but I pick up what's happening by osmosis through coworkers.  The Davids were #1 and #2 on the countdown.  Archuleta was #2 with what I think was the best pop song on the show.  Cook was #1 and the song was lame.  And this was one of those videos where the actors portraying the story keep getting interrupted by over-done, annoying images of the band pretending to play the song.  But hey, winning American Idol entitles you to a few bombs that will still be surprisingly popular.

So I walked away from the thing with the realization that not knowing everything about pop music is really just fine.  You may love it all, and that's ok.  As for me, I'll somehow survive not watching that again for a few years, by which time Ms. Spears will probably be making her 12th big comeback. 

In honor of my little adventure I've added a couple of tunes I heard to my playlist - take a listen . . .


agm said...

I probably wouldn't know much about what is going on with pop music if my sister didn't tell me stuff to put on the Ipod. And if Justin Timberlake doesn't have anything out at the time. haha

I totally dig that Hot N Cold song. It's a good workout song. And just try to get that Beyonce song out of your head after hearing it one time. It's impossible. I really want to get a metal Terminator hand like hers. That's pretty awesome.

rlsecor said...

I am often amazed that I know anything at all other than Wiggles and Kidssongs and I guess we are pretty into Hannah Montana which beats the rest any day. Gratefully there are those little moments like your sleepless nights that bring us back in touch even a little, and even if it is hard on the ticker.

Mine always comes in the evenings when I get to take my hubby's car. Let me tell you though - it is best to listen to the hard pumping awesome driving/ workout songs BEFORE going to the grocery store - unless of course you have the state of mind to adequately secured the eggs!!!

dance said...

So get used to Leotards making a comeback. Whether you choose to participate in the vintage movement or not, it is coming. It has been in and been out and back in again since its 19th century trapeze beginnings, which means that leotards are more timeless than most anything in the fashion spectrum.

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