Tuesday, December 23, 2008

You Can Do It!!!

Looking for a little inspiration before you tackle the wrapping of the presents or the final trip to the store, HTF is here for ya. Check this out (yes, you can be insprired and laugh at the same time):


agm said...

Wow, I really wish I would have seen that video before I had left work - maybe then I would have been inspired to fight the crowds at Chick Fil A instead of heading straight home. That had some great clips in it!! I was especially laughing at the one from Alexander. Wow, I have not seen that movie in a while. That movie is so unintentionally funny - Angelina Jolie is in it with this vague Dracula-esque accent & plays with snakes & Colin Farrell -seriously, I can't get past his hair to really tell how his acting was in it. It's great!! Which reminds me of another unintentionally funny Val Kilmer movie: The Island of Dr. Moreau. Hilarious!

So back to the clips and my stream of consciousness comment - I have to admit that I love that movie Bring it On. I don't know why, but it always makes me laugh & I have to stop & watch it whenever I see it on the TV. It's like some strange compulsion. I also have it with Old School, Heat (huh - random- another movie starring the Iceman - but I guess I have to say I prefer Val Kilmer in campy bad movies rather than in actual good ones), and Bridget Jones' Diary. I haven't seen the sequels to Bring it On though. I do have a tiny bit of dignity. haahha

Oh, & the new tunes on the playlist? The combination of Olivia Newton John, ELO, & The Muppets? AWESOME.

Rose said...

Just what I needed tonight. And my husband was really a fan given the Braveheart clip as a teaser to watch the whole thing.

Merry Christmas HTF, and to your family!

rlsecor said...

I think I need to watch that every morning when I drag myself out of bed - put a little fight back in me. GROWL!

Gonzalo A. Peña said...

That was sweet. Just got your card in the mail. Feliz Navidad, Familia Pope. Les quieren

Gonzalo & Rachel

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