Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Things You Can Buy In Illinois

Oftentimes real life is way crazier than anything they could put into movies or even into episodes of Grey's Anatomy.  Today's events surrounding the "Governor" (air quotes intended) of Illinois are a perfect example of this.  Thanks to alert reader, AGM, who pointed this story out to me and has already blogged about who would play this guy in the surely forthcoming made-for-TV movie.  If you're not up to date on the story, it's basically this, presented in bullet-point format because I work in corporate America:

- Illinois Governor Rod "Helmut-Hair" Blagojevichiwiczisnicklefritz was arrested at his house at 6 AM this morning after a really long investigation which consisted mostly of Federal Agents watching him say STUPID things on CNN.  Oh yeah, and they wiretapped his phone and office too.  What, you may ask, did he do wrong? . . . .

- With Barak Obama getting the small promotion from junior senator of Illinois to Supreme Commander of Everything, his senate seat was "open."  You'd think they'd have a rule where you had to pull a sword out a rock or something to get that seat, but no, the governor could just pick pretty much anyone he wants.  So he had a great Idea, which was . . .

- "Let's auction it off for charity to the highest bidder!!"  (with the proceeds going directly to me and my wife)  This seemed perfectly reasonable, since he probably consulted with the previous governor of Illinois, who, and I'm not making this up, is currently in prison.  Makes you proud to be an Illinoisian I'm sure.  But that's not the craziest part.  The most brazen part of the deal was . . .

- He KNEW the feds were listening in, and still tried to make the sale.  (you gotta read up on this guy's history, it's amazing)  Pretty sure that when he posted bail this morning he offered Barry's seat to the District Attorney for a hair brush and a piece of gum.  There's a lot more to the story, but you get the gist of it.  You should read the actual articles if you're not sufficiently excited for the upcoming movie.

What is up with politics in Illinois?!  Tonight on CNN, Roland Martin, who very recently was "prouder than ever to be from Chicago" was suddenly from Texas (that sentence was true).  The President-Elect, when asked about the events, claimed to have never heard of Illinois, and then said something powerful about hoping for change. (that part's less-than-true)  The best part of the whole thing is that this story is just getting started.  And the other best part is that I now know what I want the Mrs. HTF to buy me for Christmas!!

A Senate Seat!!!  (or maybe just a Wii)


agm said...

It's not just the hair and the tough guy talk that are killing me, but I love the fashion choices. On Tuesday, he was wearing a tough guy black leather jacket & turtleneck when he was goading Eliot Ness, I mean, Patrick Fitzgerald into taping him. And then yesterday he was picked up wearing a jogging suit. From the courtroom artist's portrait, I'm really thinking it had to have been velour.

rlsecor said...

Again another post that makes me go ... uhhhhh, so maybe that is why I should have paid more attention in school - but at least this time I had at least caught the Blogveichish guys name online.

So, really this comment is just to feed your inner comment monster what he needs! AND because it is late at night when I should be asleep instead of saying ridiculous things on friends blogs.

I will now return to my blondish, mommish, I'm trapped in an arts & crafts, world - where I wait for my singing, dancing, Head Shrinking self to emerge unscathed - yeah right!

Ok, and so you have really smart friends too! Good news for me = that I can glean a pluthera (I love P words) of unbiased (wink wink)information here.

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