Friday, August 21, 2009

The Self-Answering Question and Questionable Words

You know how some questions kinda answer themselves.  Well, I found one recently in the HTF mailbox that literally does just that (none of the words between the two lines are actually mine . . . they were all part of the “question” (air quotes intended))  Yep, I just did a parenthetical INSIDE of another parenthetical, DO NOT try this at home, kidz.  Now, on to the question:

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear HTF,

Just wondering if there were any words that you loved or hated to say or write.  Now, if I were guest blogging, your blog would probably end up looking something like this:

Dear HTF,

Just wondering if there were any words that you loved or hated to say or write.

Keep on dancin’!



What a coincidence that you sent in that note – I just discovered that I love to say “sugar gliders.”  SUGAR GLIDERS! SUGAR GLIDERS!! SUGAR GLIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Admit it – it’s way less fun to say “small marsupials” than it is to say SUGAR GLIDERS!!!!!!!!!!

As a general rule, I also love food related words:

Wasabi, Adobo, Guacamole

Some of my other favorite words are travel and/or television related:

Mahalo, Honu Dr. Spaceman – (Must be pronounced as Spa-cheem-in.)

Aloha!--(Exclamation point is mandatory!)

Note:  It's even more fun to say the above words with a Southern accent!

Words generally only make my Don’t Like List because I have a hard time pronouncing and/or spelling them.  The No. 1 word on my Don’t Like List?

RURAL – Wow, who made that word up???!  Can anyone actually pronounce that word?  I'm thinking no after viewing the Rural Juror episode of 30 Rock.  Try saying that three times in a row.  30 Rock 30 Rock 30 Rock.  Wow, totally gets me tongue twisted every single time! 

Well, thanks for your question, but we back-up dancers were just taught some new choreography for the JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE WORLD TOUR 2009, & I have to go practice!!



Okay, so that’s what I would write if I were guest blogging and responding to my own question that I sent in to . . . The HTF?  Myself? Blogger?  Me acting like The HTF on Blogger?  Me acting like me while pretending to be The HTF on Blogger?  Okay, I'm totally confusing myself again -- anyway, I guess that's your cue to respond!  Mahalo!!

Keep on dancin’!



Now I leaned pretty heavily towards not responding at all, since the SPAGM’s response was way more than sufficient, and I do mean WAY MORE.  But I couldn’t resist the urge to throw a few random words out there to ponder.  (caveat- these may or may not be actual words, and you should just assume that the spelling is questionable at best):

Protuberance – This is what you call someone who’s REALLY good at inner-tube sledding

Nuclear/molecular – These words mean the same thing, and that’s pretty much all I remember from high school chemistry class.  “W” reminded us often of how difficult they are to pronounce, particularly if you’re from Texas.  The pronunciation is the only thing stopping the Iranians from having The Bomb.

Phlegm – this word is always spelled wrong in the dictionary, but we all know what it means.  We should totally be using that silent G more often.  For example, “Would you please wipe that snogt off my chair?”

Thanks for the question/answer SPAGM. 

Send in your questions/comments/feedback to  You’ll get a response, and you’ll be able to show it to your mom on the internets.  (whether or not your comfortable with that is your call)


Emmy said...

Wow, you have some very creative readers out there. You just need to be from the midwest, do you know that is the accent that all newscasters are taught to speak with. Yep, cause we got it right! ;)

rlsecor said...

That was fun!

I really like to write the word
apache -it flows nicely in cursive

Well, you've seen my list of P words and I really like the word

flibbertyjibbit which I learned from my sis. It is a real word!

Have you played the "game" on google where you type in 2 random words into the google search bar and try to come up with a combination that brings up a list of 5 or fewer hits? It is hard but fun, if you like words that is.

SPAGM said...

If you adopt the new silent G rule, then ...

SPAM I am!! hahahha

CM said...

Gelatinous...even typing it makes me cringe

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