Monday, August 03, 2009

Not So Cool

Isn’t it awesome and horrific how life kinda makes fun of you when you’re feeling a bit too cool and how it gives you a much needed chest bump when things aren’t so awesome.

But enough about that.

A few weeks ago I was thinking a lot about my friends back in KC.  Summertime was always the time of year when I would look for jobs in far away cities because leaving the office and finding my tires had melted into the parking lot got a little bit old.  Summer here in the northwest was amazing – never got too hot, but it was almost always sunny, so you kinda got the best of both worlds.  Ha ha to those people back home who needed a/c blasting at their faces in order to breathe!

Until last week.

As I mentioned in my last post, Seattle hit its all-time-record high temperature last week.  Roughly 5% of people here have a/c at their houses, and we’re unfortunately part of the majority on that one.  The upper floor of our house got so hot that after going up there for a couple minutes I was frantically searching for a sauna to cool off in.  We found ourselves spending nights on the family room floor surrounded by 5 fans that I wouldn’t have sold for less than $50,000 each.  One morning we woke up to find our 10 year old literally wrapped around one of the fans.  The image was troubling, but to us made complete sense.

The high temperature during that time in KC was around 75 – this was pointed out to me by numerous helpful friends back home.

Just as I was online checking out hotel rooms in the area, the temp finally started to drop – that night I actually had to close the windows because we were cold.

So I think I’ll kill my snarkiness about the weather here.  (and is the fact that I’m blogging about weather a sign that I’m getting really old?!  I’m gonna have to ponder that one . . .)


Emmy said...

Glad you survived. It doesn't sound like you would last in Mesa. That is where we used to live, so now 100 feels cool :)

agm said...

So glad it cooled off for you all!!

Blogging about the weather is perfectly acceptable. I would start to worry though if you thought that the Weather Channel was worthy enough to watch on THE WALL for hours on end!! ahhahahha

CM said...

Back at the (KS) ranch, about 1000% humidity today - and our freaky cool temps are gone now....

Climate Change anyone?

Kk said...

We are in the ninety yet again here in kc.

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