Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Day I Lost My Wall

One of the key features of our home that we’ve been in here for 6 months is a huge family room wall, which I’ve cleverly nicknamed “The Wall.”  I bought one of those LCD projectors shortly after we moved in to take advantage of The Wall.  We’ve had some great movie nights on there, but my dreams of watching sports are usually overruled by the latest animal cartoon adventure or Barbie flicks.  That’s when I find myself banished to some dark corner of the house to watch “TV” on my laptop.  (this was literally how I “enjoyed” all of March Madness)  But The Wall is pretty huge and makes the room feel more like a gymnasium than a family room.  So we decided to buy an equally massive entertainment center to consume some of that wall space.  This was also necessary because our entire book library hasn’t been super-accessible since we moved in, because the books are all still in tightly-packed boxes.

Well, the great team of the Mrs. HTF and Mr. Craigslist took care of that problem.  She found a steal of a deal (lame phrase I know) on there for a 5-piece entertainment center that weighs slightly more than the state of Rhode Island.  It’s also roughly the size of a fully-grown elephant.  I mention this because we moved the thing in this weekend.  It looks great now, but furniture moving is definitely for, well, furniture movers.

These are my professional mover dudes.  They are way stronger with “bunny ears.”:

IMAGE_050 (2) 

Now I sit here without The Wall.  Thankful she has a smaller twin on the other side of the room.  Here it is (We all look better hiding behind our favorite blanket AND check out the firepower!):

IMAGE_052 (2)

So while we now have real live “grown-up” furniture in our family room, we can still safely watch Dora the Explorer (the 10 foot tall version) whenever my 3 year old lets me.


agm said...

It looks like Traci made a most excellent purchase, so RIP THE WALL. I also would like to send out a big hearty welcome to The Small Wall. (I was also considering "Tiny Wall," "Wee Wall," "Toddler Wall," and "Itty Bitty Wall.")

It's a Small Wall After All! hahhah

P.S. Thanks for the bunny ears tip. I'm totally going to try that when I move my window unit out in a few weeks.

Emmy said...

I love craigslist. And yeah, the kids do really seem to have the ultimate say what is on. Thank goodness for DVR.. we just watch anything we want when they are in bed.

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