Wednesday, August 12, 2009

TV Austerity and a Plea for Playas

I strolled by a TV today at the gym that was playing ESPN.  Which for me was like a recently declared vegetarian walking through a BBQ contest.  You see since we moved to Seattle we haven’t had cable or dish or anything.  We have a TV, but it’s mostly just good for the Wii and to stack stuff on.  I’ve been pretty good about not missing TV, but wow, lately it’s been an issue.  This happens to correspond with approachment (a new word I made up that totally rocks, it’s a cross between apples, roaches and parchment) of football season.  So, not sure I can hold out for much longer.  I’m pretty sure I have the Mrs. HTF talked into starting up the dish/cable again.  It’s been a cool experiment and all, but might be for other people…

On a not-really-related note we have 6 AWESOME people (plus me) who have signed up for the Inaugural HTF Fantasy Football League.  We need AT LEAST one more, and 3 more would be ideal.  I know you’ve thought about . . . come on . . . just give it a shot.  I’ve got some fun ideas for the season including maybe recording some interviews with the league members and certainly making fun of profiling them.  So drop me a note if you' wanna play along (  Please.

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rlsecor said...

HECK! We watch so much more TV since we got rid of cable then we ever did before.

Instead of one episode of HOUSE we watch the entire season, in a week only to start on the next season the next week.

Same thing with LOST, CSI, CSI New York, CSI Miami, 30 ROCK, and Pokemon, well okay that would be Izzy - but it's the kids too!

We've got bunny ears so we do get news, weather and everybody loves raymond, but yeah

I want my cable back tooooo!!!!


The HTF has asked for some playas!

Now buck up and do as he says!

Oh, and hey look, my blog remembers me again.

Alzheimers isn't just for humans ya know!

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