Friday, August 14, 2009

A Final Ask, A Presidential Candidate, and a Pro Wrestler

Today the ranks of those brave enough to join the Inaugural HTF Fantasy Football league swelled to 9!!  That puts us only one short of the needed (hoped for) 10.  I know the rest of you have thought about it!  It’s gonna be awesome.  You’ll be given multiple shout outs on the blog, you’ll get to know other awesome people through head to head competition, and you may even be interviewed!  (Of course some of you may view all three of those as negative in which case you can opt oCAPTAIN CHARISMAut.)

As a preview of what we’ll do next I’m going to ask each of the league participants to pick the song they’d like playing on the loud speakers if they were about to make their grand entrance as a Presidential Candidate or if they were entering the ring as a Pro Wrestler.  I’ll post the songs as a poll on the blog and ask you, the stunningly attractive HTF readers, the vote for your favorite.  The result of your votes will determine the order of our Fantasy Football draft later this month.

See, don’t you wanna play along?  Send an e-mail to today!

Even if you’re not in the league, which entrance music would you choose?

UPDATE: We just got our 10th person so the league is a go!


Becca said...

hmmmm tough call between

Eye of the Tiger (Survivor)


Get this party started (Pink)

Emmy said...

Shoot Becca already picked mine. I was definitely thinking Eye of the Tiger....
Since she voted for two, I will go for that one for my song for now. Unless I think of something more original later today.

Anonymous said...

How about the theme music from Chariots of Fire? Or are you too young to have seen it? :)

Kellie Miller said...

So my dear sister, did you mean to hit your husband?

Scott, thanks for the laugh to start my morning!

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