Friday, September 10, 2010

The NFL case for Daddy DVR Time (DDT)

Pro football kicked-off (pun totally intended) its season last night with a Viking quarterback who may or may not have dentures and/or Depends playing against a team from New Orleans whose motto is “Who Dat” which clearly means they’re REALLY good at football.  I watched the game as I usually watch football – late at night on the DVR, several hours after the “real” game ended, and with the volume on so low that the59215l human ear can’t detect it (this is so it doesn’t wake up the 5 sleepers upstairs).  This is mostly because for whatever reason my wife isn’t completely down with me disengaging for like 4 hours at a time while the kids are at their, um, busiest.  Yeah, I guess that’s fair.

I was reminded that I really like watching the foozball, and how life has kinda gotten in the way of staring at a TV for entire weekends at a time.  A few years ago the Mrs HTF and I had just finished saying our little before-bed-prayer and I opened the eyes I realized that a few hours earlier the college football national championship bowl game had ended and not only had I forgotten, but I hadn’t seen a single bowl game that season.  (in case you don’t know there are at least 2 bowl games for each company listed on the New York Stock exchange, so that’s, um, a lot)  At that moment I realized that maybe my distance from the football had gotten maybe too extreme.  So now I pay a bit more attention and catch those DVR’d games every once in a while. 

For the record, with the 30-second-skip-button I can watch a 3.5 hour NFL game in just under 30 minutes…efficiency baby!  Too bad we can’t DVR some of life’s other events (the DMV, work meetings, or perhaps conversations we were done with like 30 minutes ago but don’t seem to have an end in sight . . . etc.)

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agm said...

Oooh, good topic. I hear ya on the work meetings. I spent most of the day yesterday on conference calls & the bad thing is that I am horrible at multitasking so it's just hours of me just staring at my wall and/or plants while praying that my mute button actually works & they can't hear me sneezing, coughing, shuffling papers, & chomping down on Reese's Cups. Sometimes I am able to listen while shooting off an email to a coworker, but it's usually along the lines of, "Why are they torturing us, it's lunch time & I'm hungry!! I love candy, but I need REAL food. STARVING!!! Hungry, I say!!!"

One of my coworkers DVRs the ENTIRE day of television on MSNBC & watches it all at every night. I don't know why, but it makes me laugh every single time I think about it. For whatever reason & I have absolutely no basis to believe this, but I keep imagining her rewinding & rewatching all the Chuck Todd segments. LOL.

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