Tuesday, September 14, 2010

That Funny President and a new job for Traci

Last week I was scrolling through news stories on the interweb (yep, I’m that up-to-date on current events) and noticed that our President had dropped some un-intentional comedy on a press conference.  He got some question about tax cuts or stimulus (something like that) and he looked at the reported with a little disdain and pronounced,

“We can’t afford it.”

money_treeI may be the only one who found that line hilarious.  But I actually expected him to smile and/or wink at the people with notepads and pens in front of him.  But he maintained a straight, even stern, face.  Regardless of your politics, and I’m guessing that some of you have politics that shouldn’t be regarded at all, the idea that math is being done in our government to figure out “what we can afford” is kinda funny.  “We can’t afford it” hasn’t been relevant there for a while. 

In our family, those types of statements come always from the Mrs. HTF who is the absolute owner of all money stuff.  I may work in Finance at a small-ish software company, but at home I’m the guy who turns in my receipts and has absolutely no idea where money goes.  It’s all on the computer, her computer, and I could probably figure out some of it.  I think we pay bills sometimes, but not sure to whom or how we do it.  For all I know we tightly roll up cash and the intimidating crows outside deliver the payments.  Now you might think this dynamic would bother me, but in fact, I’m more concerned about how the kids got toothpaste up on the ceiling.  You see, with Traci running the show we’ve never had money troubles.  It’s kind of like bedtime at our house – my involvement, however well-intended, only screws things up.  (this hasn’t stopped me from pretending every night like I’m actually helping with bedtime while I’m jumping on the bed with the kids…)

So my point is this – Barry Obama totally needs to hire Traci to run the financial show there for a while.


JJ said...

Way to go Traci! I'm in the same boat. My husband turns in receipts and everything just magically gets done around here. Glad to know that someone else hires the Finance Fairy to keep their house in order.

jamie said...

nice work, the mrs. htf! also, i always tell my kids, "be a helper, not a hinderer." (shaking my finger at you for the bed-jumping.)

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