Thursday, September 02, 2010

Wet ‘n Wild ‘n Wacky At The State Fair (and a little Flannel too!)

We like exploring new places, and we probably like it a little bit more than is normal.  By “we” I’m mostly referring to my adventurous wife.  She has a list, and infinite one, of places to go check out.  This is similar to a list a US Senator might keep of “stuff to do if we had infinitely more money to spend.”  We may cross stuff off the list occasionally, but it’s constantly growing.  We’ve checked out a lot during 18 months here in Washington, but apparently we haven’t seen everything just yet.

100_0025On Thursday we hit the fabulous State Fair in Monroe.  I’m not a State Fair guy by nature, but the Mrs. HTF is pretty good at getting the troops excited about things like livestock, scones and huge quilts.  This is a mystical power that never ceases to amaze and confuse me.  We did get our state fair on and did some animal petting, junk food eating, and spent WAY too much time in the arts and crafts area – this was salvaged for my boys when they found the Lego exhibits which they proceeded to belittle and ask me how they could get their “stuff” in there next year because it was “way better” than the displays in the barn.

100_0024But then something happened that dampened our spirits in a serious way.  It started pouring rain, and it was that super-cold rain that feels like I stuck my bald head into and ice-maker dispenser on the “crush” setting.  All of us, except for our fearless leader, wanted to go home in the worst way.  Our complaints were scoffed at because,

“We have to stay for the lumberjack show.”

And stay we did.  Here’s some proof – remember that while I filmed this I was suffering from six kinds of hypothermia and was the only person without something covering my melon (not that I’m bitter or anything).  But the guys in flannel were undeterred and put on a show:

The race between flanneled-man-power and flanneled-chainsaw-power

We also had our first ever all-family-roller-coaster-experience on THE WACKY WORM:

A roller coaster only slight less wild than Mommy driving to church…


So even though we’re still trying to dry out a few days later it was actually a pretty good time.  But if you go, be sure to take a parka covered with a rain jacket, unless of course you’re wearing flannel, in which case you don’t even need to wear pants, cuz you’re THAT tough!


Anonymous said...

don't be bitter...unless you ask Mrs HTF to dress you too :)Greetings from Parkwood Dr. :)

jamie said...

your wife IS amazing. glad you guys have been having so much fun before school is in full swing.

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