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When the junior Senator from Illinois decided to announce his VP pick via text message that kinda opened up a whole new world for announcing stuff. I don't want to be left behind on using "newer" technology to make my own, even more important, announcements. So here goes:

The whole HTF family will be moving soon from KC to Seattle and I'll be working for Microsoft.

I'm not gonna go into much more depth, cuz this is a blog that anyone has access to (but only 3 or 4 people actually look at). We are totally excited, but also sad about the people we'll be leaving behind here in O-Town, not the least of which are Nana and Grandpa Frog. I've lived here within a several block radius since I was 4-years-old (excluding college and my missionary time in Venezuela), so it feels like an adventure to leave. But now we're off to Seattle where I'm told it's 80 degrees and sunny year round . . . at least that's what the recruiter said while winking. The Mrs. HTF has family in Anchorage, so we can grab our passports, hop on a plane, and go visit the in-laws in their igloos a bit easier. (Traci loves it when I make my funny funny jokes about Alaska)

So there it is, I too made a big announcement using "new" technology. I did try to leak it to CNN several hours ago like Obama did, but for some reason they weren't interested . . . it must be a HUGE news day!


  1. bspeck says:

    Again, serious jealousy! Maybe we'll see you guys out there when we visit the Seattle contingent of my fam!

  2. rlsecor says:

    Do you remember the coke commercial with Queen's "I wanna break free" playing as the 2 story office lobby erupts with happy go lucky professionals drinking coke and wheeling around in their desk chairs.... Luv it Luv it... Well, I would play it for you if I knew how to put a music link here - actually i am supposed to be looking for a music link for my DH that would do just that but here I am shirking my duty as always.

    My parents lived in Redmond just outside of Seattle for a year - it was a beautiful, amazing city. Just slightly different from O town.

    Definitely an amazing adventure ahead!

  3. JJ says:

    Wow! Congratulations and at the same time...what a change! I never thought I would leave KC and always hoped to return. I guess it wasn't meant to be.

    We vacationed in Seattle in July (my husband's parents live up there). It is beautiful and it's my kind of weather. I'm sure the Mrs. HTF is thrilled at the idea of being a little closer to home.

    Again, Congratulations!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Congrats! I absolutely loved the weather and lush surrounding shady groves of talls trees and fern-lined paths when we lived in Steilacoom (a bit less than a hour south of Seattle and just below Tacoma on the Sound). It was definitely my favorite climate of anywhere I have lived all over the West. The rain never bothered me much--it is usually so light, and when there are stretches of more substantial rain, there always seems to be a break long enough to allow one to take a towel to dry things at the park and enjoy some really fresh air. The short days of sunlight did always bother me, especially after Christmas until into spring. Regardless, we had some delicious summer weather during our three years there, and occasionally there were strange stretches of beautiful weather in January and February. I thought the fog in the fall was beautiful. Has Mrs. Frog gotten into Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series? Anyway, Forks and summer camping in a deciduous rain forest are nearby on the Olympic Peninsula. I could go on and on. Anyway, I too, am excited for you and also a bit envious. Again, congratulations! --Laura C.

  5. agm says:

    that sounds superexciting! i'm very jealous - i have never been there, but i always thought that it seems like such a cool place to live. congrats!!!

  6. Alida Bowles says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaa!!! (Yes, I'm whining...actually my whole family is whining) Congrats on the new job though, that's stupendous. I'm sure you will LOVE IT on the West Coast. :)

  7. April says:

    HEy! That is awesome!!! I gotta tell ya- that is/was my FAVORITE place ever that my family lived. So much to do and see, surrounded by so many amazing things. I am kinda jealous. And yeah, sun. The funny thing- every time I visited it was sunny. :) They kept telling me how lucky I was. And they rarely had to water the lawn, another bonus. You will love it there! Congrats!

  8. Josh says:


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