Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Reinforcements Arrive Just In Time

Yesterday was the big day . . . I got on a plane and am now living in Seattle. Getting ready for the trip was less-than-pleasant, but could've been a lot worse. In the hours before we left for the airport our house started to feel like a tropical storm picking up steam. Chaos was building and the clock was ticking. You see I was fighting emotions and packing everything I thought I might possibly need to live alone for several months, while Traci was primping the house in case we had some possible home buyers stop by. Meanwhile the kids seemed to have organized against us, which is not atypical. Just when the storm was becoming a category 5 hurricane, the reinforcements arrived in the form of my parents, who live 0.9 miles from us. My mom jumped in and tackled a stack of dishes while my dad packed boxes for me, all the while they chastized the roving children, thus thwarting their plan. This however didn't perfectly calm things down - things were still kinda crazy, when my dad (who is often the source of playing/craziness at our house) suggested that I get a priesthood blessing. The timing and impact of it could not have been better. Everyone got together, calmed down dramatically, and I finally chilled out. The emotions of leaving the family behind are still working me over, but had it not been for the timely help of my parents the morning would've been much tougher.

Thanks for lots of interventions like that over the years, Mom & Dad. I love you and I'm so thankful that we were able to live near you guys for so long!



Hans-Juergen said...

Good luck with the move. There are a lot of good people in and out of the church up there, who will be glad to help you out, as I'm sure you're probably already learning. All the best.

agm said...

Ahhh... my two cats are somehow able to organize a successful revolution against me on a daily basis, so I can't imagine the strength of four little people. Good luck with everything!

By the way, I just have to say that your live feed thingy is cracking me up - I think I have found a kindred spirit in the person who found your blog by searching for "what type of fedora does Justin Timberlake wear" on Google. HA!!!

bspeck said...

Much luck to you guys - I didn't know you'd be a off by yourself for "a few months" possibly. Hopefully it isn't that long. Since Jason's been off at "summer camp" for the past 11 weeks I can definitely empathize with Traci.

rlsecor said...

It is all happening quickly for you! Wow! Be steadfast and valiant while your family is apart - the adversary is working harder than ever it seems. Good luck! I don't envy the process -it's still too fresh in my mind :)

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