Friday, September 05, 2008

That Big Austrian Guy

We're back to the mailbag today and get to hear from a big Arnold fan.

Dear HTF:
So since the RNC didn’t get started until Tuesday, and Arnold S. was supposed to speak on Monday, we just miss out? How can this be allowed to happen? I was so looking forward to hearing him say (insert thick Austrian accent here) “California” 5 or 6 times during his speech…what a bummer!


Yeah, I was bummed too about the Governator not getting to wow the crowd with his wit and wisdom. I'm told that between speakers they showed key scenes from Predator and Kindergarten Cop (two strikingly similar films) so that the crowd wouldn't feel like they missed out too much. Last night after the balloons had deflated and the confetti had sufficiently clogged up the air conditioning system those wild and crazy Republicans gathered around the big screen and watched all 28 Terminator movies. So yea, we missed out, but since your favorite politician is a bit of a movie star, he can always be with you, CM. Thanks for the question!

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April said...

I miss that parade! Utah, ironically, has no good marching bands. So maybe those kids in the bands there as "extras" should be shipped out here. It may help, but then again, maybe it is the lack of quality band instruction here. Or maybe there aren't enough instruments available because Olathe and surrounding areas took them all. Either way, we go to parades to see the horses, hear the sirens, watch the cops on motorcyles (secretly hoping to see a NASCAR-ish wreck) and of course, the candy. I personally hate the candy. Something is wrong with throwing candy on the ground and watching kids run out into the oncoming parade traffic to grab it. :)

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