Sunday, September 21, 2008

Name Games on Planet Palin

The response to me speaking for all Alaskans about Sarah Palin was strong. It included being busted by a "good friend" from Utah and a real-life-Alaskan, whom I've never met, for using the term "snowmobile" instead of "Snow Machine." I guess tomorrow I'll be driving my "AutoMachine" to work.

Here's a comment and a very helpful tool sent in to You'll definitely need to make use of this!

After reading your blog this morning I realized one thing about Sarah Palin...I actually like her and she's got me excited about this election again (since, you know, my boy Mitt is out of the race now...cringe), but what is with her kids names?? Not like I think that the names that she gives her kids have any effect on what kind of leader she'll be (cause lets face it old John Mac won't really be around the whole time right?!...or will he?!) Anyhow, I started thinking, What if I were Sarah's Alaskan love child? What would she have named me?

And then I found this SARAH PALIN name generator:

I would've been named:
Fork Decoy Palin

Just sayin'.....thought you might get a kick out of it.

AB :)

So on Planet Palin here is my family:

Me: Flag Cobra Palin
Traci: Goalie Sanka Palin
Ethan: Rock Crane Palin
Braeden: Gripper Carom Palin
Sydney: Rot Pipeline Palin
Allison: Grill Igloo Palin

I'm certainly not one to make fun of how people name their kids, so I'm glad that website did it for me.


Trevor and Anona said...

Braden and Ethan got pretty sweet names (Rock and Gripper), but poor Sydney (Rot!!??). Ouch!

agm said...

HA! That is too funny. I'm Chisel Dustup Palin. I'm kinda diggin' it.

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