Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Saving the Economy with Disc Golf and Doorbells

Having alert readers (hilarious friends) totally rocks.  Last week one of these alert readers sent in something that she referred to, correctly, as the “Motherlode of Blog Fodder.”  (also a great name for a rock band.)  I’m not going to write a long post about this, because some things kinda speak for themselves.  But I did want to point out just a few of my favorites.  These are proposed project to spend your money that you gave to the government.  I don’t know why you keep giving them money since they don’t really seem to need it (because spending it has zero correlation with how much they actually, you know, have).  But you keep on sending it in.  And as an awesome award for your generosity, I (via alert reader, CM) give you this:


Go ahead, click it.  It won’t hurt.  I have to take a minute to just point out a few of my favorites from my thorough, 3.5 minute review of the massive list of projects:

  • $866,000 for a DISC GOLF COURSE in Texas – absolutely nothing generates jobs and stimulates the economy as efficiently as disc golf except for perhaps:
  • $600,000 for DOG PARK CONSTRUCTION in California – I say we build the dogs a park once they start paying taxes, until then there’s always the neighbor’s yard.
  • $20,000,000 for a DOWNTOWN QUIET ZONE in San Diego – this one is a job creator because it’ll include a few hundred librarians walking around the city shooshing people.
  • $150,000,000 for LITTLE LEAGUE PARKING in Puerto Rico – I had no idea they let the little leaguers drive there.  Guess the laws are a bit different in the PR.  And everyone’s favorite:
  • $99,600 for DOORBELLS IN MISSISSISSISSISSISSISSIPPI – Yep, I said DOORBELLS.  (no need for me to comment on that one)

I could go on and on and on.  You should really take a look.  I just pointed out a few small ones.  Most are at least in the hundreds of millions of dollars.  And the big ones carry cool names that are intentionally REALLY vague like “Industrial Green Zone” or “Orange Line Phase 3” or “Solar LA Project.”  So enjoy reading about all these super-kool ways to spend your money.  And let me know if you stumble across anything that we should all laugh at know about.

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agm said...

I guess I was distracted by the combination of government spending and Jodeci & forgot to comment yesterday.

My oh so important comment was: I thought the craziest thing I saw was something about $$ going to $nowmaking in MN. ?????

agm said...

P.S. Am getting some inspiration for my Itunes purchases from your playlist!

Anonymous said...

Sweet! I love disc golf, and can't wait to play the new course. 36 holes too! Finally my tax dollars are going to something worthwhile. Must include the purchase of land, as a top notch disc golf course on existing property would only be a few thousand dollars. Good luck Austin...hope you get your new course.

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