Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stuff You Just Gotta Know About Some HTF Readers

A few posts ago I invited you all, you stunningly-intelligent and smoking-hot HTF readers, to do a little counting.  Despite the involvement of pre-school math and the fact that some of you had to go barefoot to finish the task (the correct answer was 12 and you ran out of fingers) – there were some actual respondents.  And now they’re about to get what’s coming to them.  So without further A-Dew, let’s read a bit about some of your fellow readers (including their street names), very little of which is based in actual fact.

  • Becca (aka Mizz Thang) – Raised by a remote tribe of muskrats in Uruguay, this girl can be stealthy when she needs to be (and can also nibble a single saltine for several hours).  She’s most famous for her series of romance/action/sci-fi/political thriller/children’s books.
  • Bryan (aka Sugar Cube) – The BP once made the mistake of hiring me.  And you can bet that was the gift that kept on givin’.  When he’s not sky-diving in the buff you can find him on the golf course using his patented ultra-light, but super-fragile, balsa-wood clubs to routinely break triple digits.
  • Alida (aka Sista B) – One of the few top-tier CIA agents who successfully juggles 5 kids and may or may not be involved in covert anti-terrorist operations in Peshawar, Pakistan.  AND she teaches origami classes for dogs.
  • Devin (aka Dr. Shizzle) – He’s a test pilot for the government’s newest fighter jets (built by the lowest bidder).  No one is sure why he wears that hot pink flight suit all the time, but somehow the sunglasses make it all work.  A stand-out power-forward in college (at the Univ of Wyoming of course), he still has the NCAA record for blocked shots in a game.  (unfortunately his were the shots being blocked – he still scored 48 in the game – dude likes to shoot . . .)
  • Aubri (aka Icey Flava) – A hip-hop artist who’s moves are so fly that she doesn’t even need to sing/rap/whatever.  She recently branched out to produce a series of instructional street-dance videos for senior citizens.  She was recently on Oprah claiming to be able to talk to her cats and may soon have her own series on The Discovery Channel called “The Cat Whisperer.”

And there you have it.  Clearly, HTF readers are way more interesting than readers of other blogs (or it’s getting late and I’m kinda tired)!


Icey Flava said...

What up???! Icey Flava in da houze!!! The Frogniator bags it up! Whoop whoop!

Alida B. said...

Sista B in the Hizzle from the Bowlizzle Famdizzle...word.

rlsecor said...

Mizz Thang and Froginator must've known each other in a previous life because that was creepy!

Stealthy IS my middle name and even Mr. Thang said "is there some story with the saltines I should know about?" Because truly - I don't need to keep food storage due to the total efficiency of my cracker intake skills.

We wont even get into the Muskrats and the children's books...

I think you snuck into my brain.

More than anything when I get a reading these here blogs all Mizz Thang can think about is

Who wants to challenge me to a game of Balderdash?

- - Mizz Becca Stealthy Thang

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