Thursday, March 05, 2009

There’s No Place Like Home . . . Except the Storage Unit

I sit here right now in our new house at long last.  Yep, a happy time.  Yesterday the “movers” (technical term) unloaded our worldly possessions into our new place.  Suddenly I’m the proud owner of so many boxes that we may need to get a second house just so the boxes have somewhere to stay.  Our kids, of course, think this is pretty cool.  Kinda like living in a full-scale version of Lego-land.  I’ve already had two requests to sleep in boxes . . .

unfortunately both of these were from the Mrs. HTF requesting me to go slumber inside some cardboard.

Last night we spent the first night here, and for some reason when we woke up all of our stuff was still in the boxes.  My sincere pleas for the “Unpacking Gnomes” to visit during the night and do their thing just didn’t work out.  At one point tonight, and I’m not making this up, our oldest couldn’t get back into his room because the doorway was completely sealed off by conspiring boxes (aka-“Conniving Cardboard”).  I think he fashioned a bed in the hall with a couple towels, some twine, and my jumper cables.

We’re also learning the idiosyncrasies of our new house, like where the right light switches are and which toilet to flush to dramatically decrease the water temperature while your sibling/spouse is in the shower.  The kids, of course are adjusting quickly.  Tonight my son declared a family meeting in the kitchen so that we could find out where the forks were.  (he was kinda hungry)  Somehow the forks had escaped from their cardboard home and were in actual drawers.  We’re “roughing it,” which means we don’t have cable or dish yet.  This has helped the kids focus on other things like, well, how to build condominiums out of boxes – of course these structures DO have cable.

Anyway, it’s a fun time.  If any of you happen to be in the Seattle area with a few hours to kill you should swing by.  Just don’t get nervous when I hang a sign around your neck (Flavor Flav Style) that says “Unpacking Gnome.” 

PS: YOUR CHANCE TO BE SLIGHTLY MORE FAMOUS THAT YOU ALREADY ARE – send an e-mail to telling me how many times “boxes” and/or “cardboard” were mentioned in this post (including this paragraph).  All correct respondents will receive a sentence or two “shout-out” in an upcoming blog post which you may or may not like and which will probably not contain any actual facts and will possibly embarrass.  Sounds pretty great, huh?!  Tell your friends/neighbors/family, the more the merrier (that’s what I’m saying about the boxes at this point).


rlsecor said...

It doesn't matter how long you live in a house there are always places that when you reach for the switch - the switch isn't there - but it should be! It really really should be!(now throwing a mini tantrum)

I just want the little orange number stickers to go away! I don't know what they used for your move but each item or box got a number sticker. The boxes were thrown away but the stickers were not removed from furniture. I swear I still find one every week!

Have fun in Lego Land - glad the tadpoles and the Mrs. have their #1frogman back! and visa versa!

BP said...

Nice even dozen on the boxes/cardboard count from what I could tell. What I really want to know about all those boxes is...what's inside. That's what always made me laugh. Huge box with $11 worth of indestuctable toys packed like fine china in syrofoam peanuts. Followed by...well it's here...guess I throw it in back of a closet...never be seen again!

Take Care,

millerjk said...

I completely understand Risecor statement...we have furniture from our move out of DC with stickers on it...and they now have new Japanese stickers.
I didn't count the number of times you said boxes...really, having lived in the tunnel of boxes many more times than I care to count, or upcoming moves, just take it one box at a time. And just remember, you two favorite sisters-in-law will be in the midst of box lego land VERY VERY sooner than Krista! I will be just unpacking in the land of sun, warmth, beach, aka as Malta, not snowy, snow ville!
SO GLAD you are together as a family again!

agm said...

Tying in cardboard boxes, Legos, gnomes, AND FLAV?! We are so not worthy!!

Marie said...

Oh, you have my sympathy! I hate unpacking! I would always resort to a leisurely day at the library and check out stacks of books (to equal the stacks of boxes) and just be kicking back reading when Adam would get home. Adam has always had to do the lion's share of unpacking. Haha, good thing Traci is nicer than me!

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