Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A Seasoning That’s Sure to Change How (and What) You Eat

I couldn’t get away from the bacon theme on the last post.  Thanks to alert reader, Patty, we discovered a substance that will probably change everything about how you prepare “food.”  (pretty sure you could sprinkle this stuff on your sneakers and have a decent lunch)  So I now give you, Bacon Salt:


Zero Calorie, Zero Fat, Vegetarian, and Kosher!!  This is pretty much the exact opposite of real bacon, but will all the salty goodness, apparently.  Just be sure not to tote this stuff around in your back pocket if you’re around hungry animals and/or professional wrestlers.  So many great quotes on this site, you should totally poke around and let me know your favorites.


agm said...

I think that just the word "baconnaise" was my favorite. My reaction was twofold - first, I kinda threw up in my mouth a little, especially after reading how someone would like to eat it straight out of the jar. Then I felt some that happiness for the bacon-lovers across the land because they truly seem to be a passionate bunch.

Frog, did you see that they totally have a Facebook group???

rlsecor said...

crazy stuff!!! I had to look for it at the grocery store today and they had 3 flavors! So, of course I bought some.

I haven't tried it yet - because I am afraid to read the nutrition label. I just wonder if it is fat free, cholesterol free, kosher and all that Jazz - then what is it actually made of - and do I want it in my body?

It might be a good substitute in this recipe Matt found (but we have never tried - YIKES) called DEATH BY BACON - where you smoke your pork butt wrapped in loads of thick bacon and smother it all with tons of butter.

Jill said...

It's nuts that this product has become such a hit. It doesn't show it on their site, but it really does exist.

Go check this out:

Some things in life just shouldn't taste like bacon. :)

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