Those words that make you chortle…

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I like words, I really do.  But I also really like unintentional-comedy.  Words often cause unintentional-comedy simply by, well, existing.  And we all need to laugh a bit more than we actually do.  SO… to determine the draft order of the 2nd Annual HTF Fantasy Football League each of the folks have picked “funny words” and we’re asking you to vote for your favorite or favorites.  There’s only a couple days until the draft, so do it now, please.

Even if you don’t give a skadoosh about our scrumptious shenanigans that may or may not involve phytoplankton having infarctions after eating baba-ganoush with gubernatorial candiadates debating dopplegangers and fibbertygibbets while dancing a mean jiggery-pokery – you really should vote!


  1. agm says:

    Great poll & awesome word choices! What is funny is that some of those words I have always thought were chortle worthy & would snicker under my breath at when people would say them like an eight year old... well, good to know that apparently other people do that, too!

  2. agm says:

    P.S. I tried to find the proper spelling & real definition of "puplane," but unfortunately I could never find it! Puplane, puplane!

  3. rlsecor says:

    golly geez how I want to have a list of crazy words and make my own sentence! Beautiful work!

    I wonder if I could write all of my favorite P words into a sentence? Hmmmm.

    And...dear Henry, you need a blog button.

    I do believe it is written, somewhere in the bloggers bible, that anyone who has over 100 followers must have a blog button.

    Besides, chicks dig blog buttons.

    I know I know it means a few min or more dabbling in photo shop and a small migraine - but it's worth it right!

  4. My Three Sons says:

    I personally prefer "dongle." I think people only use it because it's fun to say.

  5. ESCANDALOSO! says:

    I am literally SHVITZING over the fact that I'm in a five way tie for LAST place! Chortle out loud! I so should have gone with the Tofutti instead. Good to see though that El Jefe and his phytoplankton are on FUEGO and burnin' up the poll!!

  6. CM the GM says:

    I dare anyone to say "Infarction" and not giggle....

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