Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hillary Makes Nice and is For Change

Ah, can't get enough of the Democratic National Convention. I'm in the comfort of my living room instead of crammed into a stadium in Denver that is just sick with screaming Democrats. The talking heads are readying all of us for Hillary's love speech tonight. They're bouncing around the room each asking key people what Hillary is about to say. From what I can tell the one thing all of the interviewees have in common is that they have absolutely no idea, but are for the following specific policies:

1. Change
2. Democrats roaming the White House
3. Change
4. Party unity
5. Change we can believe in

Bill Clinton just walked in the "hall." According to the commentators, the crowd is "electric" and the attendee's "exploded" when he walked in. I wish they'd pick different words. He's hugging people . . . including one hug with a young lady I've never seen that seemed uncomfortably long. Bill being Bill.
These video tributes are pretty good, I'm suddenly ready to vote for Hillary . . . Is that really Chelsea?! She just introduced mommy and looks pretty comfortable up there - looks a lot like the Senator. Uh-oh, Hillary is wearing an ORANGE pant-suit. Goodness . . . Lots of Hillary signs, but they don't say "for president" anymore. In all seriousness, for the second time in my life I'm looking at her feeling quite sorry for her. People are tearing up - including Bill. And now the speech: "we're on the same team, we must unite, Republicans evil, "sisterhood of the traveling pant-suits", together we made history, make sure that Barak wins . . . etc." Bill is smiling widely.

Well, it was a good speech, but a little anti-climatic. The way the talking heads set it up there was every chance that she could make any of the following declarations:

1. Let's have a quick raise of hands to see who thinks this should be my convention!
2. Since you guys didn't nominate me, I'm running as a Republican next time.
3. This is way cooler than the Republican's podium - nee-ner, nee-ner, nee-ner

But no such luck. I suspect this won't be the last-ever Hillary convention speech, and she'll probably be for change in the next one too.

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