Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Big Blog Update and Insight from Beijing

I've had this ongoing internal debate floating around the melon about what I want to make of this blog thing. I've been posting in spurts for almost 3 years now. There were a few podcasts, which got some ok reviews. I track readership off and on, but I'm not sure that's really the goal. Here's the thing, and this is a recent personal realization, I have this odd secret desire to be some kind of a syndicated columnist. With the blog thing, anybody can do that, so, in spite of lack of writing talent or much interesting to say, I can fake like I'm a Dave Barry or Tom Friedman. I was talking to my friend, BP, about this the other day and mentioned that blogging is an awful cheap and not-to-taxing hobby. I could try to be an astronaut or an olympic gymnast, but being a blogger is a bit more realistic.

I track along with quite a few blogs and podcasts. Many of the blogs I read are "penned" by gals I know, which has made me question a bit if I should really be doing this. One exchange I read on a friends blog - she asked her husband why he never wrote on the blog. His answer - "I'm not a woman." Profound words . . . that gave me some pause. I got over it.

So here's the deal. I'm gonna work to make the blog better and I'm asking for your help. Here's what I'm gonna do: write more, link more, do more. So my goal is to post at least 25 times over the next 30 days. Here's my asks of you:
1. Read along and comment occasionally, maybe even let others know about it
2. E-mail your questions or feedback to (don't expect profound answers - you should expect what you typically see in the blog: sarcasm, cheekiness, and answers that aren't remotely factually correct) I'll answer the questions on the blog. I'll keep you anonymous or just use whatever name you tell me to. This is my attempt to make the thing more interactive. They can be about stuff I often blog about like family, sports, odd observations, etc. Or they can be utterly random, like "which 80's rapper had the biggest ego and/or gold chains?"
I'll still trying to pull off the occasional podcast and that would be a good place to answer some of the questions. BTW - don't put it past me to make up some questions to make it look like more than 2 of you read my blog. :)

I'm off to watch the olympics and I'll leave you with this astounding observation from Doug Collins who was commenting on TV during the USA vs Greece basketball game this morning:
"In a 40 minute game you don't have the same number of minutes as you do in a 48 minute game."
Truer words were never spoken.


rlsecor said...

Sure you post now - the one time in the last bizillion years that I go to sleep at a human hour. :) IMHO I think reader feedback is motivating and brings a new dynamic to the blog. Your "sarcasm, cheekiness, and answers that aren't remotely factually correct" combined with your interest in current events and life as you know it are fun, refreshing and unique. The women tend to cover the family history, kid hysterics and travelogs,so let them. You be you and trudge forward into the world of podcasts, columnization, and whatever else floats your digital boat. You'll be great - and things will pick up as the kiddo's go back to school and we all get back into a routine.
My DH has a blog that he used for a while. He has a severe allergy to pen and paper though which has been causing him more and more trouble as of late. Apparently he can barely make it through a single work day on the computer before the allergy takes hold of his muscular function and rends him incapable of any type of writing. So sad.

Alida Bowles said...

So I've decided I am gonna live vicariously through you...see I have this dream that I will be a totally popular blogger and get hundreds of comments daily...but alas no one cares about our little ole family...I need to revamp and write about things people care about?! Or maybe just be anonymous and start my own satirical blog or something...alas 5 kids doesn't leave me with much creative energy so BLOG AWAY...I'll be watching and waiting for you to get syndicated so I can say...HEY I KNOW THAT GUY!!

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