Sunday, August 31, 2008

Phelps wins another gold, some serious columns, and a "general melee" (a good name for a rock band)

In another visit to the mail bag I get to talk about the DNC, Michael Phelps and my personal stand on cancer (hint . . . I'm against it)

Dear HTF:
I’ve been paying rapt attention to the DNC (a.k.a. 4-day infomercial) and cannot stop myself from imagining the SNL parody of it almost the entire time. Amy Poehler does a great Hillary, and I’m sure that skinny guy could do Barack spot-on…like tonight: instead of the “surprise” entrance by B.O., Michael Phelps would come out, the entire Biden clan would swarm him and in the ensuing melee the monstrous stage would collapse into a blue metallic heap….now that would be interesting!

Does this make me evil, or a true American (as my personal hero Sean Hannity would say)?


Thanks for the question, CM. First, let me handle the True American thing. If you're pro-Phelps, you're perfectly patriotic. To be against him is like being pro-cancer or against happiness. So as long as the little melee you envision ends with him restoring order amongst the podium pile and then winning another gold medal you're quite anti-communist. Your infomercial reference is money. I've quoted you a few times without attribution since I saw your email. Now I have yet to see a good B.O. impersonation, but we're in desperate need of one. Anybody who has columns constructed in the middle of a massive football stadium so they can be used as scenery while he talks earnestly about how government will solve all of our problems (including, I'm happy to report, male-pattern baldness) probably takes himself a little too seriously. So I'm looking forward to your SNL parody.

PS - If you're bothered at all that I poke fun at you dems, this week is RNC week, so I'll get to talk about JohnnyMac selecting his moose-burger-eating granddaughter as a running mate and other important campaign developments. However, the hurricane may keep me from blogging (just as it will keep the GOP from spouting too much political rhetoric for a few days), cuz I'm a weather-geek, so what's going on in the gulf is like a tragic super-bowl.

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agm said...

"JohnnyMac selecting his moose-burger-eating granddaughter." I'm still laughing at that one.

Thanks for the laughs. (I'm guaranteed to laugh at anything Michael "Greatest American Hero" Phelps related.) I also have been having difficulty tearing myself away from hurricane watching on the TV right now, too.

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