Friday, August 15, 2008

Webbed Feet and Overexposure

We have the first response to my little plea for questions/feedback a couple of posts ago (and in less than 24 hours). Pretty soon I'm sure I'll be pouring through the mailbag, but huge hat tip (a fedora no less) to AGM. Here is her timely question:

I found your Olympic comments very insightful & thought I would write you for advice. I have this addiction to Olympic coverage, but I find myself rooting against Michael Phelps and for Ryan Lochte instead because I have an incapacitating case of Phelpsfatigue. Do others have this problem? I find myself turning the channel whenever NBC does yet another profie of him. Am I un-American, jealous, and/or mean because I think that Michael Phelps is an egotistical, spotlight loving, crazed, mutant half-man-half-fish instead of an Olympic hero? Can't he just spread the wealth a little more & give others a chance? Also, I read that he has flippers instead of feet. If that is true, where can I get some?


I Honestly Love Team USA (just not Michael Phelps)

P.S. Can a get the recipe for your warm strawberry compote with fruit fly garnish?

Fair questions. First, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you're not a communist-in-denial. Cuz that would explain much of the sentiment here. That being said, your term "Phelpsfatigue" is a winner. I hope that none of us ever have to watch one of those profiles again where we see that the guy's life consists of sleeping, eating 3,500 calories, swimming, eating 3,000 more calories, spending several more hours at the pool, eating 5,000 more calories, then sleeping again. The message is clear: if we all become unemployed, eat a lot, and hang out at the pool, our lives will be perfect. Also, from the profiles I now know more about his family than I do my own. That's not right. Now I do think you're a little off-base with the insults. There's one way to know though - we need Bob Costas, with deep sincerity, to ask Mikey to let someone else win a race. Phelps's response would be some good reality television. As for the flippers, well, I'm not at liberty to talk too much about it, but let's just say that extreme toe-jam (a good name for a rock band) is not always such a bad thing.
On the recipe question - let's just say that NOTHING could taste good enough to go through what was necessary to make that little treat happen.

Thanks for the questions. May the Webbed-One fade from view a bit.


JJ said...

Okay, your friend isn't going to like me because I love Michael Phelps! He is why I am so addicted to Olympics coverage and not getting enough sleep. I have screamed, cheered, and jumped up and down on the bed like a child watching his races (especially that relay...WOW! And yes, I give credit to Lezak because it is deserved!)

I find it interesting that he/she sees him as egotistical and so desirous of the spotlight. I see him exactly the opposite. I think he's just doing something he loves and being rewarded for a lot of hard work. two cents. I have to admit that I will be happy when he's done racing because I'll be back on some semblence of a schedule again.

agm said...

You will not believe it, but within the time I sent that email, MSNBC did an article on "Phelpsfatigue." They totally stole my new term. I'm blaming Bob Costas. He is obviously a reader of your blog.

Awww, I like you, JJ, even if you love Michael Phelps. He could probably win me over by throwing on a fedora just once instead of the olive wreath.

Costas, don't you get any ideas. There is no hope for you in my book.

bspeck said...

Blasphemy! I think AGM is nuts (and since I know her in real life I can say that:)) because I love Phelps. Seriously, anyone required to eat 12,000 calories a day just to stay alive needs his own Wheaties box.

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