Monday, August 18, 2008

This Just In - Toddler Gymnasts, VP Choices, and Beer Bucks

I'm fighting the urge to blog about all the important current events going on in the world today, such as:

- Apparently my pre-kindergarten daughters can compete on the Chinese gymnastic team
- Barak "I'm only slightly less famous than Michael Phelps" Obama announced that he was going to declare his VP choice via text message. So maybe a year from now we can declare war on Iran by leaving a post on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Facebook page.
- It was announced today that Anheuser-Busch CEO, August Busch IV (a good name for a rock band) will be paid $10 million after the company is acquired by InBev. In a shocking announcement he revealed that the acquisition was a "good idea."
- Women's beach volleyball is being shown in primetime and somehow is attracting (pun intended) an attentive male audience.
- It is rumored that both the Republican and the Democratic nominees will be announcing their VP choices very soon, and they will both be choosing Michael Phelps. A McCain spokesperson was quoted as saying, "Mike is on a roll, and we'd like to 'swim in that relay' if you know what I mean."

I'll go ahead and stop fighting that urge now. Any questions?


Alida Bowles said...

I am literally doubled over laughing right now (although that could however be the fact that it is past 2 am and waaaayyyy past my bedtime...) Note to self: never drink a heavily caffienated Pepsi after 9pm!

Hans-Juergen said...

Hey man, lay off the Chinese preschoolers. Their Chinese gov't issued passports say they they're 16, so they're 16.

And I think we definetely ought to publish each other's blogs someday. Now the hard part--getting rich...

Perhaps we should start an LDS guy blog group with the other two LDS guys who blog.

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