Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Everything Sounds Better In Pirate….Arrggg

Tonight I found out about an awesome setting change you can make on yer Facebook page.  (hat tip to SharkBait)  You can change the default language to PIRATE!!

Here’s the before :


And, arrrrgg, here’s the Pirate translation. (click the image to see the words, cuz your eyesight isn’t that great!) Check out the use of the word “anchored” (the Mrs. HTF liked that one)!


So nice job to the folks running “the book.”  Everything is better in Pirate!

1 comment:

CM said...

I have totally gone Pirate - awesome! I was secretly hoping for some other options - ebonics ("Where U at?"), valley girl ("Like, what is totally happening right NOW"), Corporate ("State current status"), teenager (wha'up?), etc!

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