Thursday, June 18, 2009

I’m a Totalitarian Daddy, but at Least I Didn’t Swat the Fly!

The last few days life has been pretty busy so I’ve been a bit out of touch with news.  I kinda get what’s going on with the Iranian elections.  This is similar to when we have a vote on what our family is going to do for entertainment on some night – since there are more kids than old people the result of the vote is often, well, Chucky Cheese.  Of course what we actually do is watch a movie and eat popcorn, because well, I guess I’m an Iranian Mullah at heart.  We can ask for and get your opinions, but we may or may not actually care in the end.  Luckily my kids can’t figure out how to do dishes together, so they’re certainly not about to organize a protest against my totalitarian rule.  (although there have been some fairly organized demonstrations against the dishes come to think of it . . . and there was no need to employ tear gas to end to show, because, well, the kids were generating their own dramatic tears). 

Well this morning I thought I should turn on the radio to get a bit of the most important news of the day.  And after what I heard for 2 minutes, I turned my iPod back on to some Counting Crows song.  You see the urgent news of the day had to do with PETA (People for the Eating of Tasty Animals) attacking our President for the horrible crime of swatting at a fly in the White House.  They’re actually sending him a “Humane Bug Catcher” so he can catch them humanely (whatever that means) and then release them into their natural habitat and bother somebody else who is not the leader of the free world.  So I’m hoping that instead of being a leader he’s not whiling his days away in the White House catching flies.

I don’t know why he swatted the fly.


Anonymous said...

At least he didn't eat the fly...imagine the ruckus then:)
Sarah G

Emmy said...

Are you serious?!? Wow, PETA has gone to a whole new level of stupidity!
Your post is a perfect reason for why I do not watch the news.
You should try Chuck E Cheese though, otherwise your kids might start blogging about you and let the world know what is really happening ;)

agm said...

I found my new favorite phrase in that article: compassion for the least sympathetic. I was going to say that it was a great album title, but now I'm thinking it would be better used in a cheesy lawyer ad on the back of the yellow pages or in one of those fake SNL commercials. hahah

JJ said...

Tell me you're kidding? Please. We actually have citizens in these United States who have enough free time on their hands to worry about the survival of the fly?! Wow. I'm stunned. Unemployment figures must be worse than I thought.

Thank you for opening my eyes to this horrific genocide. I will toss my fly swatter in the trash immediately...right after I deal with this pesky buzzing in my ear.

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