That’s a Stinky Beetle

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How many times have you said the phrase “Dung Beetle” today?  Not enough times I can assure you.  Cuz it’s been phrase of the day at our house.  Our seven year old chose this particular bug to be the focus of his recent school project involving a life-size model and a creative story where the beetle is the main character.  His Oma (Traci’s mom) even helped him make a pretty sweet model of the little bug out of clay.  Why did he choose the dung beetle you may ask?  Well, because this little creature is famous for . . .

wait for it . . .

playing with poop. 

Yep, that’s pretty much the extent of the logic behind the selection.  That trait has so endeared the dung beetle to my kids that I’m pretty sure they’d trade me in for one of those guys.  My last experience in playing with poop was limited to some involuntary toxic cleanup during our potty-training days.  Where was Captain Dung Beetle then?!  Twice I had a two year old drop a “dirty bomb” in the middle of the kitchen floor and start playing with it.  If you haven’t had this experience, it’s pretty much an instant rainbow of emotions, all at once you wanna scream, laugh hysterically, cry, fetch the camera, cover the kid with a towel/sheet, or run out the front door.  But after the rounds of emotions I usually settled on:

Call for my wife.

I just didn’t want her to feel left out.  I assure you my motives were purely altruistic . . . except when I tried to act invisible.  This never worked though, and I did usually get the toxic duties if I was home at the time of the incident.  Why is it that scooping up doggy “stuff” is so much more pleasant than cleaning up the “output” of small children?  Ponder that one . . .

Anyway, that’s probably one blog post more than you needed to read on this topic.  But it did give me a chance to think about a whole bunch of appropriate synonyms for the word ‘poop,’ so at least one of us had a laugh.


  1. agm says:

    You are totally right on about the dog "stuff" - I have no problems cleaning up after my pets, but back in the day I worked at one of those little indoor playgrounds for little kids & cleaning the restrooms was pure torture. I'm shuddering now as I write this from the horrible memories of the "dirty bombs" (my new favorite word!) I found.

    Wish I knew back then that all I needed to do was just COVER IT WITH A TOWEL!! HAHHAH Thanks for the trip down memory lane to one of my favorite HTF posts!!

  2. Emmy says:

    Lol! Luckily somehow I made it through the potty training years without either kid leaving that on the floor for me. Plenty of urine.. but somehow lucked out.

    Thanks for the great laugh!

  3. JJ says:

    Ummm...thanks for bringing back some pretty horrific parental memories. Great way to start the morning!

    I am grateful for your ability to be a "potty-mouth" thesaurus. My vocabulary has been blessed.

  4. Otter Thomas says:

    Funny post. I was just complaining about all the dog poop in my yard. Thanks for letting me know how lucky I am. Our child still poops in a diaper.

  5. Michelle says:

    SO FUNNY! Ha Ha, I've got a mental picture of both of the boys in your kitchen that is toooooo funny! I'm assuming it wasn't the girls...but wait I can imagine that too. Ha!

  6. Mama Nut says:

    Lol. Great post!

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