Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lose the Production Crew

This morning I woke up to see that the top news story was that Jon and Kate were breaking up.  Being pretty groggy I racked my brain for who in the heck Jon and Kate were.  I know lots of Jons and a few Kates, but I just couldn’t put ‘em together in my partially-awake melon.  Then my wife told me they were the ones with lots of kids (she didn't know much about 'em either).  Still didn’t help me.  She then gave up on me and, while smiling, walked away shaking her head – a common occurrence when my cluelessness is manifest.  (this is also the reaction when she sends me to the garage to look for a can of something and I return with the report that “we’re out.”  Of course we all know that she then walks out and without looking at the actual shelf grabs the hidden can herself)

While I was in the shower it struck me who these important people in my life were.  (you know that you get some awesome epiphanies when you’re in the shower too!)  I’d seen them for a few minutes on the TV at my sister’s house on their popular reality show where they live life with their 8 children.  Later in the day I read this article explaining that they announced their divorce on TV and then issued dueling press releases . . . awesome.  I hope their kids were watching.  (Ironically, my only memory of watching the show was (referring to Kate), “wow, she’d be hard to live with.”)  I’m not a reality TV guy and I think making a TV show about your breakup is a really lame thing to do, but whatever.  For me it’s pretty clear that the stress of 8 kids and the fame that comes from being “famous” kinda doomed these folks.

For many people, there’s a reason that movies end with the wedding and the “happily ever after” thing.  What comes after that gets a bit more complex even without the cameras and directors in your family room.  For the record, I lucked out that way (amazing wife and no production crew).

So my little learning is this, if you want to stay married, being on a reality show is a pretty bad idea, and being on there with your twins and septuplets makes it an even worse idea.  Happily, neither of these are things I need to worry about.

Now if I could only find that can of black beans she sent me out here for… 


Jill said...

I, too, think the whole thing is lame. And I don't even watch the show. However, I do know who they are. I feel bad for the kids. I'm not sure why people ever think it is a good idea to bring cameras into their living rooms. Especially with 8 kids... don't you think that's enough to keep you busy!? But I guess it takes al kinds to make the world go 'round. I just hope the kids are okay. Regardless of how stupid the parents are, you really do hope the kids succeed.

Emmy said...

I too think I have seen maybe one episode and remember thinking where is the dad? And then when he was around thinking, wow SHE is a witch!
I agree reality TV and real life do not work. Look at all the shows like the Bachelor, how many of those relationships worked out.
There is a fear and a worry about the next generation of kids coming up as they are all so good at "playing a role" and thanks to technology, texting, internet, etc.. aren't really true to themselves. They can just create this safe and perfect little persona.
Be interesting to see how things pan out.

agm said...

Ugh, I watched the first episode of this season - where they first showed that they were having difficulties in their marriage. It was one of the most awkward and saddest things I have ever seen on TV. I can't watch it anymore.

And seriously, I don't know what John & Kate were thinking - they really should have recognized that if Flavor Flav, of all people, can't find and maintain everlasting love on television, they probably aren't gonna do much better.

Yeah boyyyyyyyyy!

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