Thursday, October 01, 2009

HTF The Fantasy Football League – Week 3 Update

This week was the week of the close games.  I honestly thought I had my game won going into Monday night, but then . . . well . . . not so much.  I lost by 6 stupid points!!  Ugh!!  I’m down in 8th place now and tip my hat to the NY Trainspotters.  And rocketing to the top of the standings is BLUE BLOOD!!  Big congrats to Emmy for being our only undefeated team!  Here are the scores and standings:

image   image

And when I said the games this week were close, there was one that, well, wasn’t.  And Toyota wants Christy to know about it:


Good luck in Week 4 everyone!


possumzpossumzpossumz! said...

Uh oh Frog, you are in shouting distance of the possumz - that can't be good!! Total props to the CM for being good enough to join the Blowout Dance Par-tay (Sponsored by Toyota) -it's where all the cool kids hang out!! Uh yeah, it's really just me, but I have installed a dance floor and a disco ball and Justin Timberlake is on the dial 24-7. Totally the place to be - you are all invited!!

CM said...

NOT a fan of week 3!

You-all are JEALOUS of me n' the rodents, dancing the night away with JT and Toyota - we invited Tom Brady and Drew Brees but they were busy..

Let the games continue!!

Emmy said...

I knew I had won my game, but I hadn't checked the rest of the standings.. wow pressure is on now.
Guess I better go check to make sure my guys are ready to go.

That one kid's dad said...

I'd rub it in to the Beckinator that I beat her with two starters logging zero stats ('cause I was too stooopid to see that they were on injured reserve), except that I know my luck will shortly run its course.

Spot On Your Pants said... thing Nike will be calling and you'll be speaking in some thick southern drawl (and asking for things not in "large", but in "diggity dog"). I actually passed a golf course at 9Am the other day and people were drinking beer (!) first, is my rule.

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