Wednesday, October 28, 2009

You Put WHAT In Your Nose?!

Last Friday night we took the crew to “Culture Night” at the elementary school.  This awesome activity featured interactive booths from 27 different countries including exotic places like Iran, Thailand, Oklahoma, and Utah.  We had a blast sampling the local cuisine, seeing photos, hearing music, and reading cool facts about literacy rates. At the Japan booth the kids even got to sport some kickin’ kimonos.  (great name for a rock band)

DSC02133   DSC02138

As we approached the India area (I won’t call it a booth because somehow they got to have an entire end of the school gym, and it was a super-colorful area), Allison quickly became fascinated with the small jewels the women were wearing on their foreheads.  She was super-excited when one of the ladies knelt down and put a smallish plastic “gem” on Allison’s forehead.  She wore this with pride all the way home and to bed.

Later that night Traci and I were veggin’ on the couch watching reruns of The Office (as show she’s recently decided is good) when Allison called down from the balcony with a weird quote: “I have something in my nose.”  That didn’t sound like a big deal until she came down and we noticed a little blood on her nariz.  Then she informed us that she had decided to stuff her Indian-forehead-jewel up her unsuspecting nostril – a move that made perfect sense at the time I assume.  This was no small feat given the size of the piece of plastic.  I ran for the tweezers and Traci started digging around in there as Allison squirmed and protested.  But nothin’ doin’.  We exchanged glances and knew that an all-night visit to the swine-flu-infested ER was regrettably going to be part of our plans.

But then something happened.

While laying in Traci’s lap our little four-year-old gem hider let out a huge sneeze and the purple plastic parasite exploded from her nostril and landed safely on her upper lip.  All we could do was burst out into semi-controlled laughter.  I wrapped the thing up in a kleenex and delivered it to the trash can and we sent our wanna-be Indian to bed.  The moral of the story I guess is that you shouldn’t really put the culture in your nose, and if you do, be sure to sneeze it out before you go to bed.


Emmy said...

So glad she sneezed it out! This is definitely not the time of year to have to visit the ER.

By the way I saw you dethroned me :( Guess it was bound to happen at some point.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, the memories we share! I am soooo glad she sneezed because it would have been a long night for you at the ER. :)

Kk said...

haha, my nephew had something up his nose for three months. It molded in his nose. No one could figure out what it was until it slowly came out which was ugly.

agm said...

Hilarious! Maybe she was just hiding it in her nose for safekeeping until she woke up in the morning? hhahha Love Traci's comment. LOL. And I totally dig those kimono pics!!!

P.S. Congrats on your new no. 1 FF ranking!

The Texas Bakers said...

My ER doc brother taught me a trick that was invaluable in removing a magnetic travel checker from a 4-year-old's nose. We're talking about some serious exit velocity. It's a time- and money-saver!

Stealth Blue said...

It's better than them getting a pea stuck up their nose and not telling you about it till you begin to notice roots growing out her nostril (This was an actual event, some doctors told me about it while I was in LA.)

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