Thursday, October 01, 2009

A Poem About Someone Else Losing Their Hair

A couple weeks ago my mom forwarded something to me and I want to share it with you (with the author’s permission of course).  A dear family friend who we’ve known for a long time is battling cancer.  Her name is Barbara, and she’s a super amazing person.  She only found out about the cancer recently and the chemo therapy is doing what you might expect to her hairline.  (I have no such excuse for my cue ball)  Barbara is also a great writer/poet and she wrote this poem about her experience:

Ode to my Hair

Oh how I love my short black hair

To be losing it now just don’t seem fair

But how can I complain about mere hair

When the Lord sees fit my life to spare

But still as I watch the strands come out

I laugh, I cry, I cringe, I shout

I see more of my scalp with each passing day

And know soon my hair will be all gone away

The wig I chose is actually pretty good

It fits my head just the way that it should

And I got a few hats that make me look sassy

Plus a silky black turban that’s really quite classy

I hear that when it starts growing back

It may come in blonde instead of black

Now that would certainly be a sight to see!

Would anyone even recognize me?

All in all, I will try not to despair

Over temporary loss of my short black hair

For the loss is merely a small sacrifice

For the blessing of living a long healthy life

You rock, Barbara!


Emmy said...

That is a great poem, thanks for sharing it with us

Debbie said...

i love this poem, and i LOVE barbara! thanks for posting it.

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