Tuesday, October 20, 2009

HTF The Fantasy Football League – Week 6 Update

Don’t look now, but after 6 weeks of play in our league I’ve crept my way into second place!!  I can only assume this is pity coming from my fellow playas.  Here’s quick rundown on the week 6 results and standings:

image   image

It was a huge week for points and a whopping SIX of our teams have the same record (3-3).  And now a few comments about the league:

  • Blue Blood came through yet again and in spite of having only the 5th highest point total still sits happily atop the standings with the best overall record.  Congrats, Emmy!!
  • D&D continues to pile on the points.  JJ has by far the highest point total, but has only won half of her games.  Not someone you’d want to play.
  • The Possumz are the bipolar team in the league (in a good way).  AGM has appeared on the Toyota Blowout box in each of the last FOUR weeks.  Two of those times she’s the one being blown out and the other 2 she’s the victor.  Second highest point total too…


  • Cooleyer had a super-hot start and looked poised to challenge, but a couple really close loses the last two weeks have dropped her to the middle of the pack.
  • The Beckinators seem to have figured some things out and have landed 2 Ws in a row.  Who knew Eli Manning would be so good?!
  • The Chrushers have been Chrushees a bit more of late, but did land a W this week on the strength of Drew Brees and his mullet.
  • The No Soup team is kinda the opposite of D&D.  Fewest points in the league, but has still won half the games.  We’ll call that luck efficiency.
  • NY Trainspotters have been dropping and adding players like crazy.  Must be a rebuilding year.  It appears management has been turned over to some mysterious guy named Mark…
  • The Cannibals are just plain getting eaten.  Looks like that Pittsburgh D and McNabb aren’t exactly what they used to be.  Still the point total isn’t too dismal, so don’t count ‘em out!
  • As for me, I’m just glad I loaded up on running backs and that Tom Brady knows how to find Wes Welker in the snow.

Hope everyone is having fun.  Good luck in week 7!!


Tom Brady #1 Superfan said...

A big thanks to my Tom Brady for securing us an invite to the blowout dance par-tay. My magical Tom Brady trumps St. Mullet of the Superdome every day of the week!!!

Forget the medication - I'm keepin' my possumz bipolar, full of rabiez, and sponsored by TOYOTA. Fear the possumz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrr!!

(Or should that be a "hiss"? I'm not really sure what noise a rabid possum would make. Perhaps a "beep beep" would be more appropriate since they are robotic and all?)

Beep beep!!

Emmy said...

Congrats on jumping to second! Yes, I must admit every week I have a big knot in my stomach as a W is crucial since my points are lacking.
Time will tell how long I can ride up there. :)

rlsecor said...

Here is my strategy - I looked at everyones pics and tried to select players who would not make me pee my pants if I ran into them in a dark alley. Not a surefire tactic but I ain't sinking yet anyway!

Now, since their uniforms are so seriously BOR-ING! and not worthy of competition - what I would really like to do is to pick players according to who has the cutest butt! However, since they don't post those pics on their profiles and that would probably be sorta inappropriate anyway... we'll just stick to the dark alley test.

NY Trainspotters said...

Life got way too crazy to manage a team so like all management lessons say I thought I should delegate!
May be what moms said was true, if you want something done right you do it yourself ?
Oh well...I will trust management lessons and trust my new management :)

St. Mullet of the Superdome said...

Hey - I like my mullett! It goes really well with my awesome comb-over! I take extra time sytling it when I know Bob Costas is going to interview me - I wonder why they asked me if I wanted to leave my helmet on for the last one?

They don't call me Drew Von Breesi for nothin!

Spot On Your Pants said...

no moon walk, huh? owwww! (read like howling - I have no idea how to spell that) YMCA, huh? The Villiage People weren't there. Have a good night!

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