Saturday, October 31, 2009

HTF The Fantasy Football League – Week 7 Update

This week I recieved the following e-mail in the HTF mailbox:

Dear Popester McFroggy Pants:
Have you ever heard people raise questions when the organizer of a fantasy football league winds up in first place? 
Me neither.
CM – not in first place

That’s right, something super-weird is afoot, because after last week I am in FIRST PLACE (barely).  I’m gonna chalk that up to pity from the folks in the league.  After an amazing run in first place, Emmy actually lost a game and I snuck in there.  Yet again (5th week in a row) the Possumz show up on the Toyota-sponsored blowout-board, and again it’s on the right side of the board.  They have run up the most points in the league, followed closely by D&D.  :


 image image

Things are heating up – we saw our first trades in the league this week.  Lots can change in the next few weeks as we battle for those playoff seedings.  Good luck everybody!!


Emmy said...

Yes, congrats on being first. Possumz must have something figured out. I was projected to win that game, ended up with more than my projected points and they killed me!
They are a dangerous foe.

Possumz said...

Thankz Emmy !! This week has me dreamin of those oh so dAngerous dayz of old!! Hurry back ocho & Tom!!!

Nondiseased regular possum said...

Ps I am so engrossed n these game & watchin the scores on my iPod @the gym thAt I just walked into a wall'!!!haha gonna b a big day for the tiff-she is way cooler than me. Have to laugh tho bc @ last check her qb had 0 points while mine had ONE pt!! Hahah

Go tiff!!!!!

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