HTF The Fantasy Football League – Week 7 Update

Saturday, October 31, 2009 | | |

This week I recieved the following e-mail in the HTF mailbox:

Dear Popester McFroggy Pants:
Have you ever heard people raise questions when the organizer of a fantasy football league winds up in first place? 
Me neither.
CM – not in first place

That’s right, something super-weird is afoot, because after last week I am in FIRST PLACE (barely).  I’m gonna chalk that up to pity from the folks in the league.  After an amazing run in first place, Emmy actually lost a game and I snuck in there.  Yet again (5th week in a row) the Possumz show up on the Toyota-sponsored blowout-board, and again it’s on the right side of the board.  They have run up the most points in the league, followed closely by D&D.  :


 image image

Things are heating up – we saw our first trades in the league this week.  Lots can change in the next few weeks as we battle for those playoff seedings.  Good luck everybody!!


  1. Emmy says:

    Yes, congrats on being first. Possumz must have something figured out. I was projected to win that game, ended up with more than my projected points and they killed me!
    They are a dangerous foe.

  2. Possumz says:

    Thankz Emmy !! This week has me dreamin of those oh so dAngerous dayz of old!! Hurry back ocho & Tom!!!

  3. Nondiseased regular possum says:

    Ps I am so engrossed n these game & watchin the scores on my iPod @the gym thAt I just walked into a wall'!!!haha gonna b a big day for the tiff-she is way cooler than me. Have to laugh tho bc @ last check her qb had 0 points while mine had ONE pt!! Hahah

    Go tiff!!!!!

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