Friday, October 16, 2009

How we got Bison Slobber on our Mini-Van Windows and Other Reasons to Come to Seattle – The AGM Visit

I guess time is a limited resource, kinda like money, or for me, hair.  We try to take advantage of it, except when there’s something really good on TV.  This is particularly true when you make trips to places.  I learned early on that the Mrs HTF DOES NOT mess around with taking advantage of every moment to get the most out of trips, and that holds true for when folks visit us.  They’re gonna see a bunch of stuff . . . and they can sleep on the plane ride home.  This was the case last weekend with the talented AGM made a trip from Kentucky to Sea-Town to party with our troops.  Apparently she’s so big time that she owns her own company out here . . . who knew?!  (this is an actual sign in the city we live in)


I’ll spare you all of the details of the weekend, because you’ll get a WAY better synopsis, complete with photo gallery on her posts here and here.  But in just a few days we saw beaches, mountains, waterfalls, bison slobber, worm dancing, bored bears, kindergarten break-up songs, 4 episodes of The Office on The Wall, my own office which the group packed up in 4 boxes for me, flying fish, stuffy crab restaurants, ferries that literally rock, a super-confusing airport scene (detailed in AGM’s post), blinged-out horseshoe sunglasses, and of course, GUM . . . all over some old building.  (photo below was blatantly stolen from the AGM, but since it’s my kids in it I figure I have a few legal rights)

Seattle is an awesome place to visit and you can bet that all visitors to the Pope fam will have an great time here and will likely be given a personalized 2 hour dance show in our kitchen/family room.  So come visit!!  To the AGM, thanks for coming and partying with us – we all had a marvelous time!


agm inc! (no relation to any rabid possumz or mechanical gerbilz) said...

Thanks again to the wonderful Mr. & Mrs. Frog!!! What a great visit! I totally forgot about that poor bored bear making me laugh so hard that I cried. Bison slobber rulez!!!

Emmy said...

Bison slobber?? What in the world? All you said is it happened. You are a tease, how in the world did that happen?

Mike and Jantz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rlsecor said...

.... thinking AGM is right on with Popester McFroggy Pants - PMP for short is just about as rockin' as HTF. Let's see you bust a move for us McFroggy Pants!

Ethan said...

i loved seeing the gum ball wall

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