Thursday, August 05, 2010

Family Camp Recap Part 2: Celebrities/Apostles, Super-Athletes, and Scum

A couple posts ago I threw down the always-awesome “To Be Continued.”  (I guess it’s not awesome when dental surgery is involved, but generally it’s a good thing)  So, I give you part two of “Family Camp Recap” where I drop nuggets of interesting goodness on you about our adventures at Aspen Grove:

  • On the first night when we walked into the Dining Hall I glanced around and quickly noticed a serious Mormon celebrity in the room.  Jeffrey R Holland (the Apostle) was with us the entire camp – which was really awesome, particularly his sweet fireside on Sunday night and passing him on the trail to the waterfall where he asked me, “is it much farther?”  Love that guy.
  • As the kids were away doing whatever it was they were doing (again, I didn’t really care deeply) – the Mrs HTF and I played some big-time swimming pool basketball.  I eeked out some wins, but not without suffering claw marks and sharp elbows.  It was a battle-royal.
  • While at the pool the life-guard, who I chatted with a few times that week, interrupted our game by asking me, “I’m sure everyone says this, but did you know you look like the guy from the Princess Bride?”  Traci and I pondered…  She said, “Wesley?”

  to which the lifeguard girl said, “no, the other guy.”  Which I quickly realized meant this guy:

  Ouch, I thought.  That one hurt a bit…

  • We joined a softball game in progress and were greeted kindly by a large family of super-athletes.  Seriously, I’m quite sure any one of the women in that group could’ve thrown me up in the air and run a mile before I hit the ground.
  • Each evening we got together with our adult friends and played SCUM and/or Trivial Pursuit.  We stayed up way later than we should’ve and I think that was just to pretend like we still can.  The way we stumbled around at breakfast in the morning though proved that wasn’t quite accurate.
  • Our 11-year-old, Ethan was at the camp, we think.  We didn’t see him much, though they renamed the pool after him for some reason.
  • Allison, (4 year old) deserted our family during the week and formally joined another family with a girl her age.  She quit eating with us and towards the end of camp I had to sign a form so the parents could include her as a dependent on their tax returns.

I could go on, but I’ll end it there.  Suffice it to say it was an AWESOME week.  One of the best ever.  Our kids have asked if we can move there.  And I’m pretty sure they’ll figure out how to make it so…



agm said...

LOL - I forgot about the uber-athletes. I'm pretty certain that they were also some of the same people who got to the Timp summit & passed us on their descent back down before we had even made our way up to the lake. haha And then I saw them later & (if I could figure out how to write in italics here, I would), THEY WEREN'T EVEN DIRTY. One even hiked it in a skirt! A WHITE skirt! And it was still clean after the hike. ????! How do they do it?? I think I STILL have Aspen Grove dirt on me a week later.

Love that last pic of the kids!

JJ said...

How do people go to such a camp? Do you have to be some of the LDS Elite or related to a General Authority? I've heard great things about Aspen Grove and would love to know where you can find the golden ticket to go.

I'm actually being very serious. Was it really a family reunion or a camp you signed up for?

jamie said...

glad to hear that you guys had such a blast! that pottery looks like fun. also, i really appreciated your wise words today. thanks for being so prepared.

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