Monday, August 23, 2010

I Voted . . . sort of

I voted last week – you probably did too.  But I did it while sitting on my bed reading stuff online about each of the candidates (and perhaps watching Youtube videos of them tripping or saying things out of context that made you think they hated children).  This is probably a little different than how it goes down in Iraq.  We’ve done absentee ballots for quite a while, but somehow it doesn't feel quite like voting.  It feels a little bit like watching church stuff on TV instead of going to church.  Kinda like my vote should be worth a little less than the guy who took the time to drive to the Junior High and stand in line so he could vote.  Still, since my vote is worth the same as that dude, I’ll keep doing it via the mailbox.

The big mid-term elections are coming up, and from what the make-up-caked-talking-heads on the TV keep saying – there are gonna be some serious changes.  For example by the time the election is over, instead of a country run by career-politicians, we’ll have a country run by career-politicians who very recently won an election.  I’m not sure one election, especially a mid-term is going to change everything, but it makes for some good theater.  And it makes a strong case for us to KEEP OUR DVR so that we can skip all of those commercials.  (that last sentence may or may not of been directed at the Mrs. HTF)

Anyway, be sure to pay super close attention to your local races.  And then in November we can get back to watching those awesome Old Spice ads again.


agm said...

Ahhh... I so envy the absentee ballots. Instead, I have to head to the local firehouse, which is overrun by a bunch of old grannies who sorta harass me by insisting that I'm not old enough to vote & that they can't find my name in the register... even when I'm pointing at it.

Interesting Senate race going on here though! Puts me in the mood for some Gergeny analysis.

Yeah, I'm a full blown DVR addict, too, even though my TIVO keeps insisting that I love shows about trailer park remodeling and monster trucks.

Alan said...

You have a television AND a DVR???? That didn't come up the other night.

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