Monday, August 09, 2010

Picture story…

Not feeling a lot of words right now, so I think I’ll just throw out some photos to ponder.  But first, we still need 4-5 folks for HTF Fantasy Football.  Please let me know ASAP if you’re interested!

And now the picture stuff:

You know this guy:


For Father’s Day I got this:


And just a few weeks ago this happened:


So you should be pondering just how awesome our family dance parties are AND how awesome we smell.


agm said...

I can't wait for FF, & I can't believe the masses aren't banging on your Yahoo! door begging for admittance in our league! Hmmmm.... methinks your blog readership must fear the mighty, mighty POSSUMZ (soon to be renamed something else entirely random, but which will surely involve a "Z" and/or a $ sign).

So I am off to review my FF cheat sheet titled (no joke), "Cheaters Always Prosper." To quote USHER, "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!"

the artist formerly known as the POSSUMZ said...

AND BONUS - I just found my FF log in info. I am ON FIRE! Yahooooo-hoooooooooo!

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