Wednesday, August 18, 2010

HTF Givin’ Stuff Away!! You’re gonna wanna get in on this!

For some reason for like the last week I can’t get that “I Wanna Be a Billionaire” song out of my head.  This may be because, well, I wanna be one.  But one of the biggest reasons would be to be able to give stuff away to the people.  I have this fantasy about leaving thousand dollars tips or giving the family with the rickety, old mini-van a brand new ride.  Well, it’s not exactly that, but I have the Wowwee Alive Leopard Cubawesome chance to do a giveaway to some of my favorite people on the planet – you guys!  I’m giving away a SWEET $60 gift card to use at any one of 200 online stores to buy stuff you NEED like yoga mats, wire wisks, remote control leopards, or dining room sets .  It’s pretty much anything you could want thanks to the groovy promotions department at CSN Stores – who are apparently new HTF fans.

Trust me – you’ll have zero trouble using the $60 gift card.  There’s no catch.  Here’s how you enter:

  • Post a comment on this post or send me an email – the comment must include your email address.  You can only enter your e-mail address once, so spammage isn’t gonna help!
  • If you post a link back to this post on your blog, let me know and you’ll get an additional entry!
    • AND if people enter the contest and tell me in the comment/email that they came here from your blog – you’ll get an additional entry, plus they’ll get their entry.
  • Remember – your email address is your entry!  If you don’t want the world (which may be a bit of an overstatement) to see your email address in your comment, then just send me the email.

I’ll take entries up until the end of the day on Aug 25th – then will select a random winner.  (by “random winner” I’m not calling the winner RANDOM per se, but if you read the blog you probably are a bit random)  Good luck!!


JJ said...

I rarely win anything and being the first person to comment probably does not work in my favor (what random generator picks 1?). Oh well. I read because you're funny, not because you are giving away money (although I could really use the money...)

Agm, future leopard owner said...

Fancy!!!! JUST noted that I have not one,not two, but THREE leopard print robes n my hotel room... I totally need. a wind up leopard to go w/them... Or at least wear one.... wow I am so slow & bad @ typing on this iPod that I am thinking now that I may have dorgotted , I mean dorgot , no iPod I mean fforgot what animal u said... Maybe it is a wind ip tiger or lion or cat or maybe it is not wind up at all and runs on batteries ...or maybe you are giving away a REAL one??? Well, now am totally confused but I concur w/jj & say that I love reading yr blog even when u don't give stuff any.... But if u are I could really use a real leopard ( who I shall name Leo)... Or a real tiger ( no name picked out for that one yet)...I shall enter!!!!

bspeck said...

I'm liking my chances so far. I'm winning for sure!

Kellie Miller said...

Being one of your favorite people, surely I should win! :)

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