Backdoors and Adrenaline

Monday, March 17, 2008 | | |

I woke up this morning around 4 AM kinda thirsty, so I waddled my way downstairs to the kitchen sink. (there we no cups in our bathroom upstairs) I noticed quickly that it was pretty cold. But after being in bed you never know if it's actual cold, or just the shock of not being under the covers. What jumped out at me though was that the wood floor was like standing on an ice rink. It got colder as I walked towards the family room. Then I found it. Our back door was WIDE OPEN. The wind was blowing leaves in and it was freezing. I quickly closed it, and then the adrenaline rush hit - WHO WAS IN OUR HOUSE?! I ran upstairs to check on everyone. I woke up Traci and she was rightfully wigged out too. We searched the whole house wondering if the kids had left it open or if we really had an unwelcome guest. You should've seen me creeping around turning on lights and peeking around corners. Let's just say I wasn't fully-dressed for extreme combat if I would've found some guy. After the thorough search I went back to bed, but getting back to sleep was a challenge. Happily our kids let us know later that morning that they had been messing with the door and it was probably one of them who left it open. Gotta love those unnecessary freak-outs in life. Oh well . . .


  1. agm says:

    I can totally relate. I had a break-in two years ago, & I'll never forget that adrenaline rush when I found the back door wide open. Oooh. Now I'm a total scaredy cat! I can't imagine if it happened in the middle of the night. I'd probably grab the pets and sleep in the car! ha!

  2. The Hekking Family says:

    That would scare the day lights out of me!

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