Saturday, March 08, 2008

HTF The Podcast - Episode 1

In his first ever podcast, Scott talks about where the name for his blog came from.
Comments welcome!

MP3 File


rlsecor said...

My lil sis left me a message saying - check my blog you won't believe who found me! I LOVE finding people's blogs - so fun! How R U? Me, I should be in bed but, it is hard to pass up the quiet time. So, here I ramble until I can hold my head up no longer. Funny, I was just thinking about you this week (we saw Music Man, brings backs memories) I think I even wrote about you:) Anyway, Happy Saturday.

Oh and LUV!!!! henry the frog - that's way cool!

Anonymous said...

Love your podcast!!!!! Ethan and I just listened to it together as everyone else slept this morning. You have one sexy voice!

Ethan said...

Hi dad I love your podcast.

knock knock
who there
pod who
podcast what my dad did on his first tried.

Krista said...

Great job. Looking forward to hearing more.

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