Finally Getting Lost

Tuesday, March 04, 2008 | | |

On very few things would the Marketing folks call me an "early adopter." Most things I kinda stumble across once they're getting pretty popular. That's probably why it's been at least a decade since anyone could reasonably call me "cool" for any reason. (I'm sure there are other reasons for my uncoolness) Anyway, when the TV show LOST came out I paid a little attention, but didn't watch at all. My dad loaned me the DVDs of the first couple season and over time I watched them, but they kept weirding me out and confusing me so badly that I let big chunks of time go by between episodes. I sorta caught a few last year and finally watch the finale. Well I've seen every episode this season and I am FULL-ON HOOKED. Best show on TV right now. I've also started listening to a great podcast about the show by Jay and Jack. For you LOST fans out there I highly recommend that you give it a shot. The last episode of the show just blew my mind. I couldn't even sleep cuz my mind was racing. I'm not a huge TV guy, but a little escape from reality (and this show is a big-time escape from reality) is kinda fun. Anyway - shout out to all you LOST fans and I really want to know who's in the coffin and how Kate ended up with Claire's baby.


  1. Kelsey says:

    All my friends watch LOST and they've said its great!!! I just have to convince my mom to get the first season so i can finally start watching it!!

  2. Krista says:

    Okay, now that I have my own blog I realize how important it is to comment. If you are uncool then I am totally uncool because I am playing catch-up on T.V. from even before that. Ouch!

  3. Anonymous says:

    In the episode they said 8 people survived, but there is only an oceanic six. So I'm thinking that Claire was one of the people that didn't survive getting back to the rest of the world

  4. bspeck says:

    Um, hello! Welcome to society! We are total Losties over here in Reno.

  5. Heidi says:

    I'm with you there! I've been watching LOST since the first season. I'm totally hooked. :)

  6. agm says:

    man, you losties have to keep showing off about how good it is now! i dropped lost two years ago & now i'm completely confused. and let me tell you, even though she plays it off like she is the Number One Superfan, i have seen it with my own two eyes -speck let eli play with her lost dvd. I think he even drooled on it. HA!

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