Friday, March 14, 2008

The Battle of the DVR . . . and how I lost it

So last night I played ball at the church - a bit longer than my body would've liked. As I limped (naturally) from my car to the front door around 11 PM I had the warm & fuzzy realization that the DVR had recorded the latest episode of LOST. Something about that put a bit more energy in the legs. I pictured a late night snack and an hour of quality time with my troubled friends on the Island before I went to bed. After a quick shower I plopped down on the big blue couch with the remote in hand. I turned on the DVR and started searching for the recording. I quickly found it, BUT IT ONLY HAD ONE MINUTE RECORDED!!

This has happened before. I wish it was a technical glitch, but it isn't. The blame rests squarely on the tiny shoulders of one of my four little Nickelodeon/Disney Channel addicts. One or more of them was contently watching something when to their huge disappointment, the DVR flipped the channel over to ABC to start my recording. I'm surprised it was even able to record a minute before my savvy kids changed the channel. So when I realized all this I started to get mad . . . but then I remembered . . . full-episodes on

My kids are lucky for that! I may have been forced to deleted a few Doras, i-Carlies, Avatars, or even SpongeBobs as retribution. This morning I identified Braeden as the guilty party - and he quickly fessed up. I smiled and thought about my little man a bit as I watched the episode online at my desk over lunch.

I'm quite certain that I overestimate how much control I have over what goes on at my house.

(Traci nods, and the kids laugh.)

I can't even control the DVR. Oh well - if that's the price of having this wonderful family, I'm good with that. Just tell me where to send the check.

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A Good Husband said...

lol...that's great. I just discovered your blog via A Soft Answer. I like the design on your site. I'll be keeping my eye out and adding you to my upcoming list of "daddy blogs."

Keep up the great work!

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