Monday, March 03, 2008

What it feels like to be "Tagged"

Apparently I've been "tagged" by my esteemed friend Alese. I had to go learn what this meant. I soon learned that it's something bloggers to do each other to extract odd information. Not sure how I feel about that, but if it's like that chain letter curse thing, I'd better play along. So here are some things you probably didn't care to know about me:

10 years ago I was a senior in college and a couple months away from getting married. My life consisted of a few minutes of class most days, some homework (mostly writing papers about terrorism and international politics), basketball, and most importantly, maximizing time with my fiancee! There were lots of BYU sporting events, hilarious roommates, and pasta-roni or pizza for dinner.

things on my to do list today
#1 Make sure I have the speakers lined up for sacrament meeting
#2 Hold a conference call explaining to HR folks how to teach Finance
#3 Facilitate a webcast about feedback and professional development
#4 Sweat a little at the gym
#5 Hug and kiss the kiddos/Traci
#6 Watch KU whoop up on Texas Tech

what I would do if I were suddenly made a billionaire
Move to a house where I don't have to fix stuff. Ours is not bad at all, but I'm terrible at the home repair things. This would be a house with an indoor basketball court. I'd also finally get one of those little HDTVs that most of my friends seem to have. I'd definitely walk away from the job, but I'd fund a business to hire all of my friends - we may or may not make any money. Oh yeah, and with a billion bucks, I might be able to pay for the kid's college in a few years, but that's questionable!

3 of my bad habits
1. I even procrastinate procrastinating stuff
2. I like the music just a bit too loud
3. Playing wildly with the kids when it's time for bed

3 places I have lived
1. Provo, UT
2. Maracaibo, Venezuela
3. Olathe, KS

5 jobs I have had
1. Pizza delivery guy
2. Purchasing agent for a chain of LDS Bookstores
3. EXPERT bathroom cleaner at the BYU Library
4. UPS truck unloader
5. House Painter/Ditch Digger

5 things people don't know about me
1. I would love to teach high school
2. I was arrested twice in Venezuela
3. In high school I was way into rap music, especially Public Enemy
4. I have to count to 16 before I can turn off the shower and get out
5. I once had a coffee table dropped on my head from two stories up . . . explains plenty

So that's the end of my little response. Sounds like it's now up to me to "tag" people. So my nominees are Becki, Krista (start your own blog!), Traci, Ethan, & Sarah.


mk3morrow said...

Alright, so you say starting a blog is easy. I'll try. Tomorrow I promise. I guess I already have my first blog entry-thanks. Except what should I call my blog?

I'd like to hear more about you being arrested twice and how a table fell upon your head. I guess theres somethings I don't know about you.

mk3morrow said...

Oh, and whats this about counting to 16? Does this have anything to do with a table falling on your head? I'll give you a chance to defend yourself before I start mocking you.

millerjk said...

What is it with missionaries being arrested on their mission? John is technically a felon in Russia...amazed they him back in the country.
Enjoyed learning new things about you...

alese said...

I think I'm going to cry. I am the sister you never had. I love rap music and I had no idea that you LOVE(D) it too. Arrested?!? Whaaa? Were you popin' some gangsters with your homies? Wait, don't answer that! The nsa reviews these sites regularly. Was the rap music pre or post coffee table crash? Your answers only beg more questions....

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