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My husband got this really nice email from a friend and I know he probably won't post it himself, so I'll do it for him. Let's see how long it takes before he notices that it's here. I'll let you know (that is, if he doesn't change his username or password.)


I know this goes against the HTF standards, but if thats Ok with you, Id like you to include this not as a comment, but as an entry into the Blog:

About this Blogger
Before anyone gets confused, this is not Henry The Frog writing today. My name is Gonzalo Peña, and I just asked HTF to include this entry in the blog. I just wanted to pay a little hommage to him, to whom a consider a friend and a brother, and to whom I will refer in this entry as "the blogger". I met the blogger in 1994 in (my native country) Venezuela, while serving as full-time missionaries for our Church . Back then both of us were new to the missionary experience, and needless to say, we felt quite self-concious and insecure, but with great desires to do good to those around us. Life as a missionary, contrary to the romantic vision some might hold, brings many hardships along with the undescribable joy that one might experience. I was only twelve hours away from home and yet I felt I had walked into a totally different world, I cant even imagine how the blogger might have felt. Despite all this, I was not only able to perceive the bloggers great heart and willingness to do good just by listening to the broken Spanish he spoke when he arrived to my country, but I was able to see firsthand his greatness and character when becoming his full-time missionary companion for several months. By the way, he became fluent in Spanish in a really short time (and he still is).

Later on I had the blessing of coming to USA to obtain an education, and for those of you who dont know, Caracas, Venezuela, does not resemble very much to Provo, Utah, in fact, Provo, Utah does not seem to match many places on the globe. Now it was my turn to REALLY feel like a fish out of water. That first year in the United States was not easy at all, and hardships made me go back home for a while before returning to finish my degree. But without going to details, The blogger and his beautiful wife were there for me when I needed it the most. I was able to feel their sincere love and ability to share whatever they had to accomodate a good friend. Their example that helped me keep going when I felt alone in a new country.

The blogger taught me that at the time of the importance of be valiant when defending the people one loves, and to be a good listener, to be faithful to your friends, to serve with a heart. This is the type of individual Henry The Frog is. I am grateful and joyful to be considered his friend.


Gonzalo A. Peña


  1. JJ says:

    Nothing in this entry surprises me. That's just the way the HTF would do things.

  2. Rose Kopecky says:

    I completely agree. Thank you Gonzalo the post and thanks Traci for including it. It is a great testament to HTF's character and faith.

  3. Traci says:

    It took about 3 hours for him to notice. Let me know if anyone else wants to hack the blog.

  4. rlsecor says:

    Way to go with the hacking Mrs HTF!
    I wish I could pass this vision on to my brother who is in the MTC as we speak; the value of experience, hardship, sacrifice and faith.

    What a blessing to be loved and remembered so fondly. Gonzalo is just one of many who see your true colors HTF! Don't you forget it, No pressure.

  5. Anonymous says:

    We love you Scott and will miss you all terribly, this just sums up our feeling too.
    The Gilliland's

  6. Gonzalo A. Peña says:

    Hey, Thanks Traci! U R D Best


  7. Julianna says:

    go scotty!! good job traci for posting this!

  8. Anonymous says:

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