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Sunday, November 23, 2008 | Labels: , | |

Last week I had to drop by the store to pick up a few things.  I chose a Target since it's a place I'm kinda familiar with. This is important since I still have a big fear of shopping.  I grabbed everything on my abbreviated bachelor list.  But there was one item that I should've easily found, but couldn't seem to track down.  This was something I hadn't bought for myself in well over a decade, so it wasn't a shocker that I couldn't locate it.  And that item was . . .


Now if you know me at all, you'll know that my head is a lot more like a cue-ball than a chia-pet.  Still, there is a bit of hair on there and I burned through the tiny bottle that came with the apartment I'm living in.  It took two whole months to do it though.  I kinda have the George Costanza thing going on just a little.  My kids draw pictures of me and the top is always totally bald, but there are these little patches on the sides.  Male-pattern baldness is a beautiful thing!

Back to my search - I looked everywhere and spent a large bit of time walking up and down the "body-wash-aisle."  Who knew there were 8,321 types of body wash?!  I thought the shampoo was gonna be nearby, but wow was I wrong.  After the long search I finally fought off my guy instincts and asked a "red shirt with khaki-pants-wearing" Target girl where the shampoo was.  I TOTALLY caught her glancing at my head and asking herself internally why in the world I'd need shampoo.  Nice.  I let her off the hook and told her it was for my wife.  She showed me to the aisle and I scored a small 87 cent bottle of Suave.  How did I celebrate my find you might ask?

That night I shaved everything off my entire melon with a razor for the first time in my life.  (I"m not entirely sure why I did this)

So if anyone needs shampoo, you can borrow mine - this bottle's gonna last me a while.


  1. JJ says:

    What would you men do without your wives and their unending wisdom and knowledge of all things domestic?

    Oh yeah. You're figuring it out. Hopefully not for much longer. You really need the Mrs. HTF if you are having trouble finding shampoo.

  2. rlsecor says:

    Around here a sleek on top look seems to be totally in... recently,one of those guys and his wife moved to the Caribbean (I know completely jealous) and for their going away party a bunch of the guys decided to pay tribute by shaving their heads too - Hilariously cool. It's a good way to go, good to accept it and definately good to keep it squeaky clean. Luv it.

  3. Traci says:

    You did remember we have family pictures in a couple of days, right?

  4. A Married Mormon Man says:

    so what took longer? shaving your face or shaving the "remnants of a once proud civilization" from your head?

    This is an important question. Not mocking at all. Some day I may be trying the same thing.

  5. HTF says:

    Nice comments...
    To answer MMM, it took a good bit longer to do the head than the face, but I suspect that's just cuz it was the first time and I wasn't quite sure on angles and stuff. I'm guessing that over time it'd be about the same as the face.
    And for the record, that was once a proud civilization, I have photos! But wow, that seems like long ago.

  6. agm says:

    A picture of George "Can't Stand Ya!" will always get a guaranteed laugh out of me.

    Oh & I love that line about Hillary & Barack doing some kind of high school dating ritual. I kind of imagine it as a dance sequence from West Side Story with the Jets & the Sharks circling each other & everyone snapping their fingers. hahhah

  7. CM says:

    I dare you to show up to the family pictures wearing a rug! Then I picture Traci snatching it off your head, yelling "I hate this thing" and flinging it out a 3 story window...

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