Tuesday, November 11, 2008

HTF (back in control of the blog) Responds

I can't say that I've ever had my blog hacked, only to be repeatedly complimented.  Not sure what I did today that made all that goodness happen.  But I'm left speechless, and oddity for me, and humbled.  You were going to be reading a long-winded rebuttal, full of multi-syllabic words, denying everything, with both nouns and verbs, and even perhaps another photo of a walrus, but I'll just leave it at this.

Thank you. 

I'm a lucky guy to know you all.

1 comment:

millerjk said...

So my sister hacks into your blog to write a post, but doesn't write on her own blog. You should feel loved.
It was a wonderful tribute and true. I feel privilaged to call you my brother-in-law.
You are a wonderful father to your kids, my nieces and nephews. A wonderful husband to your wife, my dear sister.

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