Sunday, November 16, 2008

HTF The Podcast - Episode 3

A few months ago I threatened to start up the podcast again. Well, I'm finally getting around to the "meet the readers" series.
In this episode Scott interviews blog readers Becki and Jason. A few highlights:
- Jason calls Scott stupid.
- We learn the 5-letter swear word in their house,
- We listen to fantasy football cause a little marital discord
- Becki reveals Jason is a "football snob"
- Learn how you too can rent out your house for $20,000 a week
- And somehow Debbie Gibson's piano gets in the mix.

MP3 File

Remember you can subscribe to the feed or download on iTunes (just search for "HTF") Let me know what you think (comments/e-mail) and if you'd be willing to be interviewed for a podcast! :)


agm said...

LOVE IT!! On Itunes, too? How fancy!

That was seriously Speckified. I'm not sure what made me laugh the hardest - when Becki used the term "conversation slash argument," Jspeck just being Jspeck, or when you tried to avoid answering your own question about first concerts so you didn't have to name check Electric Youth! (Not that anyone blames you on that one!)

Great job everyone!

rlsecor said...

That was fun. Good questions, good dynamics. Keep 'em coming.

alese said...

Very entertaining! Loved the beginning music and ending music. Very improptu, you guys need to do it again soon. I'd love to hear a podcast about the good and the bad of sprint. (somthing we can all relate to)

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